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Parents and Carers

Parents and carers are our main target group and NOFASD Australia is committed to supporting skills development and offering family support.  Information and training sessions are usually offered in collaboration with existing carer organisations and topics related to FASD may vary dependent on need.

To enquire about NOFASD Australia education and training or to make a booking,

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NOFASD Australia and Oregon Behavior Consultation are pleased to announce an interesting webinar series for parents and carers of children, teens and adults living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). In this series we will talk about the various cognitive skill challenges people with FASD experience, and how we can practically support them in their everyday lives. The series will be run over  3 months and will include the opportunity to link to a private Facebook group to develop effective strategies based on their individual circumstances. For more information and to register  click here

It’s a Brain Thing! - PDF Flyer

You can watch our parents & carers webinar here:

Have you accessed services for a child or adult with FASD under the NDIS?

The three year trial phase for NDIS has now been completed and roll out for the full scheme in all states and territories is underway. Did you know that a diagnosis is not a prerequisite for access to the scheme? You will find the NDIS Access Checklist for eligibility here…/ndis-access-checklist.html


To help us with our advocacy work we are keen to know whether the needs of individuals and families living with FASD are better serviced under the new NDIS. If you have tried to access support through the NDIS for an adult or child who has a FASD diagnosis or who is experiencing developmental challenges and you suspect may have FASD, we would love to have feedback about your experience and in particular would appreciate your brief response to the following questions by email to <>

Was your application successful?
If your application was unsuccessful on what grounds did they reject your request?
Was your application for adult or child support?
If you accessed support for children how old are they?
What is your post code?
If your application was successful are you happy with the supports you have been able to access and could you briefly list what support you are receving?
Is the support you are receiving adequate?
If not adequate what else would help?

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We are interested to hear your feedback on our new website. If you are searching for information about FASD that is not currently on this website please .

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Share your story

We are inspired every day by the personal stories of individuals and families living with FASD. Help advocate for an improved quality of life for people living with FASD by sharing the highs and the lows of your personal story and strategies that others may find useful.

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