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Special Invitation to health professionals

25-Jul-2017Special Invitation to health professionals

Special Invitation:

Sent on behalf of Professor Elizabeth Elliott


I would like to invite you (as an individual health professional) or your clinic to register for the FASD Hub Australia Service Directory  - an online directory of FASD experienced and informed health professionals in Australia.

The FASD Hub Australia website will create a single site to help make finding information and services easier whether you are a health professional, teacher, justice professional, service provider, researcher or parent and carer. For more information about the website visit


The Service Directory will be a critical part of the FASD Hub Australia website that will be launched in early September 2017. I encourage you to register by COB Friday 11 August – this will allow us time to enter the information onto the Hub ready for launch.

For the Service Directory you can register as either a clinic and/or as an individual health professional. Once you have completed the registration form for one category you will be asked if you also want to register for the other category. Click on ‘No’ if you don’t wish to register for the second category and the registration process will be complete. I encourage you to provide details of your FASD-related experience and training to help guide Australian parents and carers to the most appropriate services.

Registration should take less than 5 minutes. To register please click on the following link


For further information about this FASD Hub Australia Service Directory,  please contact either or  


Apologies if you receive this invitation from multiple sources as we have asked several networks and organisations to distribute to health professionals.


Kind regards


Chair of the National FASD Technical Network and Lead on the FASD Hub Australia project


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