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Carmela Pestell


Carmela Pestell

Associate Professor

Associate Professor Carmela Pestell is a Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist with over 25 years' experience working with children and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders, neurological conditions and acquired brain injury. She has also worked in private practice for many years assessing children and young adults with FASD, particularly within the justice system. More recently this has included working for 'Patches Paediatrics' participating in multi-disciplinary child assessment clinics in remote North West locations, as well as metropolitan justice and child protection services. 

Carmela is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society, including Full Membership of the College of Clinical Neuropsychologists (being the inaugural WA chairperson between 2007 and 2010). She is based at the University of WA (School of Psychology) and is an Honorary Research Fellow with the Telethon Kids Institute (FASD Research Group), a member of the Australian National FASD Network and had input into the new Australian FASD Diagnostic Guidelines. 

Dr Pestell was the Director of the state-wide Neurosciences Unit (WA Health Department) for over 14 years, and was involved in setting up their paediatric programme. Since 2013 Dr Pestell has had a position at UWA as the Director of the Robin Winkler Clinic (RWC) which includes coordinating clinical services at RWC, as well as a postgraduate neuropsychology and clinical psychology training clinic, supervising interventions and collaborating with the Patches Paediatric team who provide multidisciplinary child development (FASD and Autism) clinics at RWC. 

Carmela is also actively involved in clinical post-graduate supervision, teaching and research in areas that include brain injury, concussion, ADHD and FASD. She has a record of successful research collaboration, as evidenced by numerous co-authored publications and research funding (over $5 million to date). Additionally, Carmela understands firsthand the challenges families face when they have a child with a disability, as she has a younger brother with a severe intellectual disability.

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