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Dr Kerryn Bagley


Dr Kerryn Bagley

Clinical Social Worker, FASD consultant.

Dr Kerryn Bagley is an accredited clinical social worker who specialises in support for children and young people with FASD, and FASD education and training for professionals. Kerryn first became aware of FASD while working in primary mental health care as a child and adolescent counsellor, when a birth mother of a child thought to be affected by FASD bought the condition to her attention.  With a background working in traumatic brain injury, alongside her experience in child development, trauma and mental health, Kerryn began to investigate the condition further, but found that little information or resources were available in New Zealand or Australia for professionals who encountered clients with pre-natal alcohol exposure. This prompted her to undertake her doctoral research (University of Otago, New Zealand) investigated the ways in which health, allied health and social services in New Zealand respond to FASD, and proposed strategies to enhance understanding of FASD across these sectors.

Kerryn has undertaken further training in the USA and Canada with organisations that specialise in FASD training and care, including intervention training with FASCETS USA and diagnostic training at The Asante Centre, Canada.  In 2015 She was awarded a Creswick Fellowship to undertake further training in the Families Moving Forward Program, an evidence-based FASD intervention program at the Seattle Children's Research Institute.

Kerryn now maintains a private practice as a trainer and counselor in association with the Better Life Centre (Brisbane), where she has facilitated the development of Australia’s first independent, interdisciplinary diagnostic clinic for FASD. She is active as a public presenter and commentator on FASD in forums that range from academic conferences through to ABC television, and maintains links to a range of community organisations. She is also the inaugural co-chair (with Dr James Fitzpatrick) of the Australian FASD Clinical Network.

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