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FASD Support groups

NOFASD Australia

Provides an online and telephone support and advocacy service. Skype Support Groups are now being trialled.  Call 1300 306 238 (local call costs, only from any landline in Australia) or email for further information.

NOFASD Australia and RFFADA are pleased to announce the first Australian support groups for parents, carers and those living with FASD. For further information, please contact NOFASD Australia 1300 306 238 or RFFADA 0412 550 540. 


Name:  NT FASD Support Group
FaceBook address: 
Status of group: Face-to-face only
Administrators: Monica 
Telephone: Monica 0423 622 005 


Name: QLD FASD Support Group
FaceBook address: 
Administrators:  Sam, Joanne, Claire and Shane 
Status of Group:  closed (public can see membership names but only members can see FB posts)
Sam 0401567784
Joanne 0420 855 409
Claire 0424 354 213
Shane 0466 042 777


Name: Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association 
FaceBook address:   
Administrators:  Anne 
Status of group:  Closed – (conduit to secret parents and carers group - only members can find the group and see FB posts)
Anne 0412550540
Connected groups: 
Parents and Carers group
Living with FASD – for people living with FASD
Circle of Hope – for Birth Parents only


Name:  RFFADA WA FASD Support Group
FaceBook address: 
Administrators: Louise and Craig 
Status of group: Closed (public can see membership names but only members can see FB posts)
Telephone: Louise 0413 032 726


Here is a list of other local and international organisations that provide a FASD support service as part of the work that they do: 

RFFADA (Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association)

For more information or call 1800RFFADA.

Fetal Alcohol Network NZ

The people who make up the Fetal Alcohol Network come from within families living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and a wide range of professionals involved in the health, education, justice and social services sectors. Click here for further details.

FASD-CAN Inc (FASD Care Action Network)

FASD-CAN is a New Zealand non-profit organisation with the primary objective to unite caregivers, strengthen families, support individuals and educate about FASD across the community.  For more information click here

FASD Caregiver Support Group – Orewa, New Zealand

FASD-CAN in conjunction with, aDapt Family Solutions, are hosting a regional FASD Carer Support Group.  The purpose is to build connections and information for those living with FASD or suspect their child has FASD but may not have a formal diagnosis.  This is held every 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7-9pm at the Hibiscus Coast Youth Centre.  Cost is free, tea/coffee/biscuits provided. For further information please contact  Lee Tempest 021 176 8220  or Paula Atherley-Downing 021318879.

Other organisations

The following list is a selection of organisations with useful resources.

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