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The web links and resources listed here are presented for information and educational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of or endorsement by NOFASD Australia.

Please also take a look at the policy and advocacy section of this website for some useful advocacy tools.

If you would like to suggest other useful FASD resources please Contact Us.

NOFASD has recently obtained agreement and support from Claire Gyde, Chairperson of FASD-Can in New Zealand and an experienced Parent/Carer to utilise her resources in Australia. Claire has experience in the labour market and has written a small booklet titled “FASD in the New Zealand Workplace” which will be of interest, and is very relevant, to Australian readers who are responding to the challenges of FASD in many settings. This book is downloadable by clicking on this link  FASD in the Workplace

The second resource from Claire Gyde, Chairperson of FASD-Can New Zealand will be invaluable to any reader who seeks to understand FASD better and be FASD-informed. The book, named “The Perfect Love Story” is witty, wise and truly FASD-informed. Claire skilfully documents her family’s journey and teaches readers along the way. The book will be particularly helpful for parents, carers, and direct service providers. However, for anyone with a professional or clinical interest in FASD this book is also illuminating. This book is not able to be downloaded but will be posted on request in print form. It is free to parents, carers and direct service providers - others who wish to purchase are requested to make a donation to NOFASD Australia. Proceeds will be used to support parents and carers in New Zealand and Australia. To obtain a copy please email  If you are a parent, carer or direct service provider please state this in your email and provide a mailing address. For other requests please forward a donation receipt with your email request. The recommended donation is $20.00 AUD

Synapse Options, is a free information and referral service. It is available for individuals who are affected by brain injury/brain disorders and their families, carers, or related professionals. Accessing the service is easy, via phone, email or in writing – whichever is most comfortable for the individual. Our experienced team will listen to their concerns, discuss the types of assistance or information that may be appropriate, then facilitate ways they may access support or information.

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19-Mar-2018 : The Gold Coast Clinic is opening a new clinic for young children aimed at diagnosing children from 3-7 years of age. They are operating this with ..

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