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Register now for the final group to be offered in 2023.

One of the comments that the NOFASD team often hears from those who are caring for an individual who has FASD is that it is often a very lonely journey due to a lack of understanding in the community about the challenges that FASD brings to daily life, and the resulting feelings of being judged and stigmatised by those around them. The other comment we often hear is from caregivers wondering if there are useful techniques and strategies of which they’re not yet aware, that may be helpful in supporting their child (and themselves) to cope with challenging symptoms and situations.

NOFASD’s “Families Linking with Families” Support Group program was designed to answer these needs by providing a forum to connect with other families who are caring for a child or young person with FASD, while also developing additional knowledge about this spectrum-based disability and strategies that can assist at each stage of the lifespan.

Each support group is facilitated by a trained parent coach who has lived experience of FASD and is designed to provide both information and support to Australian-based parents or caregivers who are supporting someone with either diagnosed or unconfirmed Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

The next support group (which will be the final support group to be delivered this year) will commence on Wednesday 25th October in an evening time slot.

The seven meetings in the Support Group program are delivered once a week online using the Zoom platform.

There is no charge to participate, but there are limited places in each support group to enable all participants to contribute to group discussions, so if you are keen to participate, please contact us now to express your interest in joining this group.

The dates of the 7-session program are listed below.

Support Group #13:

  • Session 1: Wednesday 25th October
  • Session 2: Wednesday 1st November
  • Session 3: Wednesday 8th November
  • Session 4: Wednesday 15th November
  • Session 5: Wednesday 22nd November
  • Session 6: Wednesday 29th November
  • Session 7: Wednesday 6th December

Timeslot for meetings – by region (noting that Daylight Saving Time will be operating in some states):

  • 5.00pm – 6.30pm (AWST) – WA
  • 6.30pm – 8.00pm (ACST) – NT
  • 7.00pm – 8.30pm (AEST) – QLD
  • 7.30pm – 9.00pm (ACDST) – SA
  • 8.00pm – 9.30pm (ADST) – NSW, VIC, Tas

NOFASD continues to receive wonderful feedback from participants expressing their thanks for the help they have received through participating in our free online support group program and connecting with others who truly understand.

If you’d like to increase your knowledge and understanding of FASD while connecting with others who understand the challenges you face, register your interest now to learn more and reserve your place in this group. There are limited places available, so don’t miss out.

To express your interest in participating in the Support Group please register online on our contact page OR call our Helpline on 1800 860 613.

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