Our History

Creation of the NOFASD Australia Organisation

NOFASD Australia was founded on the 23rd March 1999 by Ms Sue Miers AM because of her personal experience caring for a child with FASD and her struggle to find information and appropriate support services in Australia. Along with a small group of committed volunteers, they named the group “National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Related Disorders (NOFASARD)’ and were incorporated in South Australia on the 30th August 1999.  The organisation was re-named NOFASD Australia in 2013 to remain current with diagnostic terminology.

The Organisation was run on a volunteer basis for many years and volunteers are still very important contributors. Thanks to these early efforts, significant steps have been made to advance the awareness of FASD in Australia and to provide information and support to individuals and families at a grassroots level. NOFASD also represents individuals who have FASD, parents and carers in a variety of national and international forums.

Sue Miers, the recognized Founder of NOFASD, was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia in 2006 for her services to the community through the establishment of NOFASD, community education and reconciliation.

Since July 2012, NOFASD Australia has been funded primarily by the Australian Government, through the Department of Health, who have recognized the need to ensure that Australia has an effective approach to this disability.

From its grassroots beginning, NOFASD has now become the leading provider in Australia of information, services, linkages and referrals regarding FASD.

Sue Miers, founded NOFASD Australia in 1999

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