Australian Governement - Department of Health

What We Do

Need for continued support

As a direct result of support from the Australian Government, Department of Health, NOFASD undertakes a range of activities including:

  • Ensuring the voice and concerns of the parents and carers of children and adults living with FASD is represented and included where it needs to be.
  • A helpline, advisory and referral service for those who have FASD or are supporting someone who has FASD;
  • A regular newsletter providing the latest information on all aspects of FASD for all relevant stakeholders;
  • Community and digital education and training services;
  • An up-to-date comprehensive website of curated resources and links to assist in all aspects of FASD;
  • Service provider training to increase sector knowledge and further FASD awareness;
  • Participation and support across all relevant national and international forums and initiatives which promote pregnancy health, prevention, diagnosis, intervention and management of FASD;

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