NOFASD Australia is excited to launch our new website. Months of planning and restructuring have gone into making it fast and user-friendly, while providing the best information for parents and carers and others living and working with FASD.

To celebrate our new website and to assist with our mission of increasing knowledge, awareness and understanding about FASD we have developed a free PowerPoint for use as a downloadable education resource. This has been prepared and referenced with the most current information. It is available for use by organisations, service providers, community members and anyone interested in recognising and responding to FASD as an issue. FASD is the leading cause of developmental disability in Australia and it requires increased awareness and more importantly understanding, to improve outcomes for people living with FASD and their communities. Everyone needs to be not just FASD aware but FASD-INFORMED! Click here to view PowerPoint or download.  We encourage you to share with others via social media or by a link on your website!

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