Last month NOFASD partnered with Odin Books to provide a bestsellers list of FASD books. This list includes books for children, adolescents and adults who have FASD. The list also contains books for parents, caregivers, family and teachers of those with FASD, including books of strategies to best support individuals. Click here to read more.

This bestsellers list comprises the most popular books based on sales records, and is a valuable starting point, but is by no means a complete list. NOFASD received comments from community members recommending the book Damaged Angels, with comments including:

This book had a profound impact on me at the beginning of my FASD understanding.

It resonated with me and really helped me realise I wasn’t alone.

At NOFASD we are interested to hear which books have been most valuable to you in your FASD journey? We would love to compile a list of “Reader Recommendations” to share with the community. Please comment below or contact us to tell us which books have been important for you!

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