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September 9th looms.

The 9th day of the 9th month is now globally acknowledged as International FASD Awareness Day. Representing the 9th day of the 9th month to symbolise the length of a pregnancy the event can be marked in many ways. This year NOFASD Australia is following the RedShoesRock campaign.

RJ Formanek is an adult with FASD and he decided to wear RED SHOES to stand out, be noticed and have some fun starting FASD conversations with strangers in 2013. Back then it was all about:

  1. Turning invisibility into visibility;
  2. Creating conversation;
  3. Changing stigma into understanding and acceptance.

Red shoes cannot be hidden. Red shoes are vibrant and full of life and they get acknowledged and recognised. FASD needs to be acknowledged and recognised. It is the leading cause of developmental disability in the world and yet it remains unrecognised, misdiagnosed and hidden. With strong supports and services, increased education and awareness raising – FASD can be prevented. Wear red shoes proudly and raise awareness of FASD. #RedShoesRock #HiddenNoMore #FASD

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