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Our Blogs

Choose from one of three avialable blog series.  CJ Lutke’s Blog NOFASD Australia Blog Mama Maremma’s Blog & also our PodCast page.

NOFASD Australia Blog

Jul22 A Sister’s Story My brother and I were adopted into a loving family over 50 years ago. My brother is 52 years old and

Mama Maremma’s Blog

Nov23 MANAGING OVERWHELM AT CHRISTMAS Prepare yourself… the world is about to change!  December is a time of frantic shoppers, once-a-year social visits, flashing lights,

CJ Lutke’s Blog

Apr27 STRANGERS IN A STRANGE PLACE – MEMORY & FASD “When you plant lettuce, if it does not grow well, you don’t blame the lettuce.” 

NOFASD Podcasts

Oct28 #19 Strengths with Kelly Skorka Oct21 Pregnancy and Alcohol: The Surprising Reality

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