#15 FASD First Voices Part 3 with Maggie May

Kurt’s quest continues as he interviews another person with FASD in the third part of this multi-part FASD “First Voices” Special. In this episode, Kurt is joined by Maggie May who is a person with FASD, advocate, speaker, YouTuber and moderator for the Facebook support group for adults with FASD called “Flying with Broken Wings”. […]

#14 FASD First Voices Part 2 with Jessica

Kurt continues his quest to find out more about the people who live with FASD. In the second part of this multi-part special, Kurt is joined by Jessica; an advocate, writer, speaker and person with FASD, who was previously interviewed in Series 2. They chat about her life, her FASD symptoms as well as the […]

#13 FASD “First Voices” Part 1 with RJ Formanek

Kurt is on a quest to discover more about people who live with FASD. In each week of this multi-part special, Kurt will talk with an adult who lives with this invisible disability to learn more about how they live with FASD. In Part One, Kurt is joined by RJ Formanek, founder of the Red Shoes Rock movement and a very successful Facebook support group for adults with FASD called “Flying with Broken Wings”.

#30 Kia Ora with Professor Anita Gibbs

Kurt is joined by Professor Anita Gibbs; a Professor at the University of Otago, a registered social worker and a regular facilitator of a parent/caregiver support groups for families with children with FASD. They talk about Anita’s experience with FASD which is two-fold and covers both her teaching and research as an academic, and also […]

#29 FASD Families with Dr Natalie Phillips

Kurt is joined by Dr Natalie Phillips, who has a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and PhD (Neuropsychology) from the University of Sydney. They discuss her research and presentation that won the People’s Choice Award in the “Three-minute Thesis” session at NOFASD’s conference, “The FASD Forum ’22”. Natalie’s submission for the “Three-minute Thesis” was titled: Caring for children with FASD: importance of understanding the whole family’s needs. They discuss ways that we can best help families which have children with FASD.

#28 Rural and Remote Australia with Nirosha Boaden

Kurt is joined by Nirosha Boaden, a mental health social worker, and intellectual disability academic, and a PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales. They talk about the lack of services in the remote areas of Australia, her experiences with FASD in rural areas and how Australia needs to improve education about FASD […]

#27 Past, Present and Future with Dr Kenneth Lyons Jones & Dr Christina Chambers

In this very special September International Awareness Day episode, Kurt is joined by Dr Kenneth Lyons Jones and Dr Christina Chambers. Dr Jones chats about his identification of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, or FAS as it was first termed back in 1970. Dr Chambers chats about recent medical discoveries that are likely to make the […]

#19 Strengths with Kelly Skorka

Kurt is joined by Kelly Skorka; an Occupational Therapist, Researcher and PhD candidate at the University of Queensland with a focus in researching strengths and support for children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. They chat about using a strengths-based approach to help children with FASD and the critical review she authored last year that focused […]

#18 A Little Bit of Success with Neil Reynolds

Kurt is joined by Neil Reynolds, a Carer of two children with FASD. They chat about raising children with FASD, including the challenges and the importance of staying positive. He reminds us that small steps lead to a larger journey and to cherish every little bit of success. Producers: Kurt Lewis, Louise Gray and Julie […]