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National Organisation for FASD Australia

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Today (17th August) is National Non-Profit Day – a day to take a moment to reflect on the impact that non-profit organisations make throughout Australia and around the word as they enable increased support for individuals and communities in need, and as a result, create stronger and more resilient communities.

Historically, many non-profit organisations have led the way in championing social issues that may have been seen as too difficult to address or have been overlooked for funding and support.

Non-profit organisations sometimes serve as a ‘bridge’ between government funding and delivery of projects which can be delivered with more impact by an organisation that does not have a focus on making a financial profit – but instead measures the impact of its activities and worth, by the positive effects of service delivery on individuals and groups that are the focus of targeted projects and activities. Through non-profits, awareness, research, and support reach the people who are most in need.

NOFASD Australia is proud to be a non-profit organisation. Founded in 1999 by Sue Miers AM because of her personal experience caring for a child with FASD and her struggle to find information and appropriate support services in Australia, the organisation was originally run with a small group of committed volunteers. From its grassroots beginning, NOFASD has now become the leading provider in Australia of information, services, linkages and referrals regarding FASD.

If you would like to support NOFASD Australia’s continuing work to build better lives for adults and children who have FASD and their families through education, support & advocacy, click here to learn more about our work and make a donation

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