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CJ Lutke, who is 36 years old, was diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome when she was a baby. She was adopted by her foster family when she was five, along with an older brother and sister who also have FASD. She is a member of the Adult Leadership Committee of FASD Change Makers and guides much of its work. CJ is a well-known speaker on FASD, having presented at, and participated in, many conferences, seminars, training sessions and other events for many years, sharing her experiences and what she has learned living with FASD. She also provides mentoring, role modeling and friendship to young adults with FASD. In 2016-2017, she was co-lead of a ground-breaking Change Makers study on the health and physical issues of adults with FASD that has received wide international attention. She is currently one of the co-leads for their new survey on the Quality of Life for teens and adults with FASD. CJ believes those with FASD must change the future, challenging perceptions about possibilities and outcome. CJ’s goal is to help others with FASD find their voice and to help society understand that we are greater when we are united and work together.



As a person with FASD I never saw myself represented in television or books. The closest character I could relate to was Amelia Bedelia because in the books she would take everything literally, like if someone asked her to “draw the blinds” instead of closing the...

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