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In July this year the Australian Psychological Society (APS) hosted a public lecture presented by Clinical Neuropsychologist Associate Professor Carmela Pestell. She addressed the top 20 myths related to FASD, with the main themes being prevalent diagnostic issues, information about drinking guidelines, why drinking is particularly harmful to the developing fetus, how we diagnose FASD, the symptoms of FASD and what we can do about it. This lecture was recorded and is available to view online here.

Associate Professor Carmela Pestell has over 25 years’ experience working with children and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders, neurological conditions and acquired brain injury. She has also worked for many years assessing children and young adults with FASD, particularly within the justice system. Dr Pestell was the Director of the state-wide Neurosciences Unit (WA Health Department) for over 14 years and was involved in setting up their paediatric programme. She is now based at the University of WA (School of Psychology) and is an Honorary Research Associate with the Telethon Kids Institute (FASD Research Group), a member of the Australian National FASD Network, an ambassador for NOFASD Australia, and had input into the new Australian FASD Diagnostic Guidelines.

Awareness of FASD is on the rise, but many parents and health professionals are yet to recognise the symptoms of the disorder, or the scale of the problem. Children from all backgrounds are affected, making this a hidden epidemic behind many behavioural and learning issues. Watch Dr Pestell’s lecture and share it with your networks here.

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