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Webinars & Online Courses

Australian Foundations in FASD Online Course

NOFASD with the permission of and in partnership with CanFASD, have now launched the Australian Foundations in FASD online course. This course is an evidence-based, interactive online learning resource, consisting of 7 individual modules. The modules take around 20 minutes each and upon course completion, a downloadable certificate of completion is produced.

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Who should complete the Australian Foundations in FASD course?

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn more about FASD.
For service providers and government agencies, this course will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the challenges your clients and their families experience and how you can provide FASD-informed supports.

For parents, carers and adults with FASD, this course sets a benchmark that you can expect as a minimum from the service providers you engage with. If you are working with a new service provider, ask them to show you their Foundations in FASD course completion certificate. This way you will know they have some understanding of the complexities of FASD.

Training for AOD sector workers

NOFASD Australia have created 3 short webinars to help AOD sector workers to become more FASD informed. These short sessions will provide background information on the prevalence of FASD in Australia, looking at the benefits of a FASD diagnosis and the impacts that may be experienced by people with FASD, as well as strategies and resources for supporting people with FASD who are experiencing alcohol dependence.

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NOFASD Australia provide tailored training packages online and in-person for AOD Sector workers. To find out more, visit our training and education page or contact NOFASD online or by phone 1800 860 613.

NOFASD Webinar Series

Supporting your child to learn

NOFASD Australia and experienced parents and carers of children with FASD have produced a three-part webinar series in supporting your child to learn. Produced as series of short webinars with practical tips and strategies for supporting your child for learning at home during the COVID period. This webinar series will provide you with strategies to help support your child/ren’s learning whilst reminding us of our own self-care needs during this somewhat stressful time and tips if you would like to educate your child at home.

Child to Parent Violence and Abuse

presented by Associate Professor Anita Gibbs

These webinars explore this area of family violence which is ‘almost taboo’ in our society, but very real for some families and those attempting to offer support and interventions. These webinars include:

  • exploring the phenomena of adolescent to parent and caregiver violence and abuse
  • the impacts on different family members
  • the responses of professionals and strategies that might be effective in managing and reducing family distress and misery

Part 3 was a live Q&A session, addressing questions arising from the first two webinars.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Associate Professor Anita Gibbs, University of Otago, is a registered social worker who has taught social work, sociology and criminology courses for 20 years. Her research interests include Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and complex disabilities, especially identifying best practice in helping families and best evidence for professionals in their interventions with families.

If you would like to speak to somebody about child and adolescent to parent violence or any other FASD related topics, please call the NOFASD Australia helpline on 1800 860 613 or contact us online.

NOFASD Webinars

For Parents and Carers

This webinar will assist parents and carers to understand the challenges that children with FASD face in their journey. The webinar will:

  • Outline what FASD is,
  • Help the participant respond to a child with FASD,
  • Provide strategies to support an individual with FASD,
  • Advise the participant where to go for more assistance and information

Watch the webinar here.

For Occupational Therapists

This webinar will assist occupational therapists to understand the challenges that children with FASD and their families face. The webinar will:
• Outline what FASD is,
• Identify the impacts of FASD on function,
• Discuss the role of occupational therapy in the diagnosis and management of FASD,
• Give an overview of the Australian FASD Diagnostic Tool.

 Watch the webinar here.

For Teachers and Educators

This webinar will assist teachers and educators to understand the challenges that children with FASD face in their learning journey. The webinar will:

  • Outline what FASD is,
  • Help the participant respond to a child with FASD,
  • Provide strategies to support the child in the classroom,
  • Advise the participant where to go for more assistance and information

 Watch the webinar here.

For those wanting to Bust the Myths of FASD

This webinar is suitable for any practitioner, parent or carer seeking correct FASD information.

The myths are challenged in this Webinar, evidence is discussed, and the facts are presented.

Watch the webinar here.

FASD Eyebites cards

This Webinar outlines the use of the FASD Eyebites cards developed by Rose Hawkins, regional disability advisor, Ministry of Vulnerable Children Oranga Tamariki, NZ.  They have been created for caregivers or practitioners caring for or working with children and young people. They provide an understanding of FASD and can be used for Planning and Reflection to help the child or young person be successful. Cards are available from NOFASD Australia $20 for service providers or cost of postage only ($5)  for parents/caregivers.  To order call our National helpline 1800 860 613 (free call) or email

FASD 101 – Presentation slides

These PowerPoint presentation slides are provided by NOFASD Australia to enable others with an interest in the topic to develop their own resource and increase community knowledge and awareness of FASD. Feel free to download this PowerPoint and raise awareness of FASD!FASD-101- updated June 2022

Other Australian webinars & Online Courses

E-learning modules for Health Professionals involved in FASD diagnosis

These e-learning modules accompany the Australian Guide to the Diagnosis of FASD and cover all aspects of the diagnostic process.

Menzies School of Health Research, in partnership with the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation and the Telethon Kids Institute, developed and implemented a flexible, modular package of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Prevention and Health Promotion Resources (FPHPR). The FPHPR Package aims to prevent and reduce the impact of FASD in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and young children by providing health professionals with access to culturally appropriate resources to enhance their capacity to provide accurate, consistent information on the risks associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy. These resources are intended to be delivered via face to face training.

This work was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Dr Sara McLean – Supporting the Child Living with FASD: Reflections from Foster Parents

International Webinars & Online Courses

Oregon Behaviour Consultation Training videos

POPFASD e-learning videos  a series of videos published by The Provincial Outreach Program for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (POPFASD) and funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Education

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