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NOFASD Australia delivers education and training to a wide range of audiences across Australia. The content and format of workshops is tailored according to the level of knowledge in the group and identified interests.

Online workshops

While face to face workshops are not recommended during the coronavirus pandemic, NOFASD Australia are able to deliver our FASD information workshop and other tailored training online using videoconferencing technology. Please contact us for more information on 1800 860 613 or

Available training

Train it Forward Masterclass

NOFASD’s Train it Forward Masterclass provides participants with the knowledge and confidence to share information, resources and ideas with their colleagues and communities. Upon completing this workshop participants have an understanding of FASD and its complexity as well as strategies for responding to and supporting clients with FASD. This gives individuals the opportunity to deliver FASD training across an organisation and also to become a point of contact for anyone with questions about FASD. Train it Forward sessions are delivered in a one-day workshop, which can be booked in any city or town across Australia.

FASD Information Workshop

NOFASD’s 2 or 3 hour Information Workshop provides an overview of FASD and its challenges. The workshop is tailored for each audience, with content usually covering the following:
• Description of FASD
• Effects of FASD on the individual
• The diagnostic process
• Challenges for families living with FASD
• Responding to individuals living with FASD
• Strategies for support and learning

Sensory Strategies for FASD

NOFASD’s Sensory Strategies for FASD is a practical workshop which teaches skills for assisting children with FASD to use sensory strategies to self-regulate. Individuals with FASD often experience sensory processing difficulties which can interfere with communication and learning, and can result in difficult behaviours. This program focuses on improving a child’s executive functioning and ability to self-regulate using sensory strategies. It is suitable for parents, carers, educators, and clinicians.

Strategies-focused Introduction to FASD

NOFASD’s Strategies-focused Introduction to FASD is a full day workshop which combines the information workshop with a strong focus on practical strategies for supporting children in their homes and schools. Valuable for professionals and family members, this workshop can fit within a school day to make it accessible to parents and carers.

Resource Workshop

Resource Workshop
This workshop will provide:

  • A brief outline of FASD
  • Busting FASD myths
  • FASD resources which include
  • EYEBITE cards
  • Advice cards
  • My Kind of Mind booklet
  • Sensory tick box
  • Introduction to Teachers Booklet
  • Strategies Not Solutions FASD resource

This is a 4-hour workshop, including resources.

Tailored workshops

Everybody needs to know more about FASD! To enquire about education and training workshops for your organisation or community please contact us. We will tailor our workshops and presentations to the specific needs of your participants and your field of work.

NOFASD also has webinars available for use by individuals and groups who wish to learn more about FASD. Webinars can be found here.

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Workshop Feedback

Amazing insight to my own child I will be following up to have a diagnosis. Thank you.
It was really informative and has provided me with valuable resources to support carers who care for children with FASD.
I think the presentation was great. Significant information – clear and precise info.
The workshop was excellent, it will help with the people (students) we work with on a daily basis.

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