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FASD Developing Awareness and Practice Education Day

NOFASD Australia collaborated with the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) to deliver a successful training day last Tuesday. The FASD Developing Awareness and Practice Education Day was a pilot program developed to introduce FASD to the occupational therapy school at USC. In addition to the OT students and staff, some psychology students and one staff member also attended the teaching day. The program aims to assist occupational therapy students to expand their knowledge before entering the FASD diagnostic clinic at USC. The session was recorded so other students entering the clinic will have access to it for years to come. This recording will also be used for reviewing and improving the content of the program. Student feedback reported an increase in knowledge about FASD and increased confidence in working with individuals and families going through the FASD diagnostic process. Student feedback reflected the need for more education on how to discuss drinking during pregnancy and how to counsel families when a child diagnosed. Future plans for the collaboration include making the Developing Awareness and Practice Education Day an interprofessional event, with other allied health professional students participating as part of their course work.

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