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Children, young people & adults with FASD are over-represented in all areas of the justice system. In some cases, people with FASD may not have the skills and knowledge to defend their legal rights. A recent study found that 36 percent of young people in detention have FASD, and 89 percent have a neurodevelopmental impairment. There are many recorded cases of people with FASD “admitting” to offences which they did not commit.

NOFASD Australia has produced wallet-sized information cards which can be carried by people with FASD and other brain disorders. These can be handed to police officers and other professionals if needed. The cards explain that the person has a cognitive impairment and cannot knowingly waive legal rights, and there is space for carers to write their contact details on the cards.

It is important that police officers, emergency responders, and other professionals are aware of the characteristics and behaviours of people with FASD so they can work fairly and effectively with them. For more information and resources on FASD and the justice system click here.

These cards are posted free-of-charge to parents and carers. To order cards please contact us here.

We would like to acknowledge FASD Waterloo Region (Canada) for the idea and text to produce these cards.

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