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To celebrate our new website NOFASD Australia is pleased to announce the launch of our Advice Cards for Community. We have heard many comments from parents about the difficulties of managing sensory overload events, especially when they occur in public. Well-meaning community members sometimes jump to the conclusion that simple solutions like firm parenting or the application of consequences might solve behaviour problems, not realising that the parents and caregivers of people living with FASD usually know what is the very best to improve or de-escalate a situation. These Advice Cards are business size cards printed front and back for use in public situations like this. The cards enable parents and care-givers to enlist the support of observers by quietly explaining what is going on and asking for their cooperation, including not staring or becoming involved unless assistance is requested. These cards will be provided free-of-charge to parents and carers.

To view the Advice Cards click here.

If you would like a set of cards posted to you please contact us here.

We would like to acknowledge Parenting Complex Children (Wisconsin, USA) for the text and opportunity to produce these cards.

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