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“Lighting the Way” to FASD Awareness!

It’s September (FASD Awareness Month) and time to look at what each of us can do to raise awareness of this disability during this month – and what exciting things are already on the agenda.

In 1999 NOFASD Australia was the first Australian organisation to get involved in acknowledging International FASD Awareness Day (9th September) and we’ve been delighted to see the growth in activities (and awareness) since then – including the fact that we now have a whole month devoted to FASD Awareness and not just one day!

In 2013 RJ Formanek started the “Red Shoes Rock” movement to spark conversations about FASD when people commented on his red shoes and NOFASD embraced this campaign.

Last year NOFASD took the red theme a step further and organised for the Bell Tower in Perth to be lit up in red.

This was the first time in Australia that a monument was lit up in red to support FASD Awareness Day!

This year by collaborating with our partner organisation FARE (Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education) over 50 landmarks and monuments around Australia will be lit up in red on 9th September (International FASD Awareness Day) or an adjacent date, to raise awareness of FASD. Landmarks will be lit up across Australia – from Townsville in the far north-east of the continent, to Perth in the far south-west. Find out if a landmark near you will be lit up in red!

How YOU can be involved in September.

We’d love to ‘turn the internet red’ around 9th September and if you are able to take a photo of one of the landmarks lit up in red (as a selfie if you wish) we’d love you to share that with us by sharing your photo online and tagging NOFASD – or by replying to one of our Facebook posts and adding your photo to the thread.

We’d also love to hear from you if there is a landmark or building in your region which has the capacity to be lit up and which we can contact about being lit up next year to spread the word about FASD even further around Australia. Send us an email with details of the landmark

There are also a range of in-person events taking place around Australia during September to inform and educate attendees about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Some events are private (held in homes or workplaces) but there are also a variety of events that are open to the public. Check the listing of events on the NOFASD website to see what is being held in your state.

Stakeholder Social Media kit

The NOFASD team has also created several social media tiles that you can use on your own social media page to raise awareness of FASD. We have tiles sized for both Facebook and for Instagram as well as some suggested text that you can use to accompany the tiles if you wish. Download the FASD Awareness 2023 Stakeholder Kit.

It’s not too late to plan an event or activity!

If you’re not able to host an event yourself, you might be able to encourage some shops in your local area to display a poster or some information brochures during September. NOFASD has printable posters as well as FASD Fact Sheets  available to download and distribute to those who are happy to support FASD Awareness Month.

Wear red shoes (or socks) while you are out and about doing your everyday activities and use this as an opportunity to explain why you (or your baby or your pet) is wearing red shoes. Red Shoes Rock!

Remember – every single touchpoint increases awareness and can helps with prevention of FASD, as well as increasing understanding of the challenges that FASD brings to those who are living with this life-long disability.

So whether your or contribution is large or small, online or in-person, you can be part of FASD Awareness Month!

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Thank you for helping us create more awareness. 


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