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NOFASD recently received a lovely email from the mother of a teenager with FASD. We always love hearing from parents and carers, and we are grateful to this mother for allowing us to share her story here! Read it below:

I want to share a “Little Thing” that has made a big impact on my life.

To increase my son’s independence, I have him go into a small bakery in our town to get me a cup of coffee. He enjoys adding to the coffee reward card and eventually getting me a free coffee.  Because he becomes anxious about remembering what to order, I have always written it on the front of the card.  Recently, I needed a new card, and the young woman in the bakery (without being asked) automatically wrote my order on the front of the card.

For me this was significant, because firstly it helped me because I didn’t have to remember to write it on there myself, but it was also done without question and without any judgment on my son Sam.  She would easily have seen that he would “normally” be able to remember this information himself, but she has not made any indication that this was a problem for her (according to how Sam described the situation to me).  I was actually quite emotional at what this means for my son and acceptance of him.

Sometimes caring for a child with FASD can feel isolating. You are not alone. Please call the NOFASD helpline on 1800 860 613 if you wish to talk to someone, or contact us here. There is a parent in the community who writes regular blogs for NOFASD, sharing her experiences of raising a child with FASD. Click here to read these blogs by the mother who calls herself Mama Maremma.

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