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The 9th day of the 9th month is globally acknowledged as International FASD Awareness Day, and the whole of September is now known as FASD Awareness Month. Symbolising the 9 months of a pregnancy, FASD Awareness can be shared in many ways. We encourage you to get involved!

You may choose to host an online FASD Awareness event. Our Information Pack provides ideas. You could download and distribute FASD Fact Sheetsplay a webinar, provide an online presentation using our FASD 101 PowerPoint slides, or play a documentary such this 20 minute New Zealand documentary or this Australian episode of 60 minutes. NOFASD Australia also has printable posters for display.

Help us spread the word on Social Media
The NOFASD team would love you to help us raise awareness in the lead up to FASD Awareness Day on the 9th of September and have prepared some clues to help you do this on the social media platforms where you are active.

With coronavirus cases still existing in Australia, everyone’s health and safety is of paramount importance. Please consider hosting an online event if there are health risks associated with a public event.

At NOFASD we are once again raising awareness through the Red Shoes Rock campaign, this time with a uniquely Australian twist. Red Shoes Rock was started by RJ Formanek, an adult with FASD, who decided to wear red shoes to stand out, be noticed and have some fun starting FASD conversations. Please feel free to share our images and video and please hashtag #FASDawareness and #RedShoesRock

We would love to hear how you are recognising International FASD Awareness Day! Please share your events on our TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages or email with photos and a story about your event.

If you are planning a face to face event please feel free to contact us to request fun and informative FASD Awareness resources, many of which include the Red Shoes Rock theme.

FREE Online FASD Information Session

Join us for a FREE online 2 hour information session on FASD. This workshop will provide an overview of FASD and strategies for support individuals and their families.  The course will include:

  • Description of FASD and the diagnostic process
  • Impacts and challenges for individuals and families living with FASD
  • Strategies for support and learning
  • FASD and the NDIS

Date:  Thursday 9th September 2021

Time:  11am AEST (9am AWST)

Click here to register or for more information

We hope you will join us in raising awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the importance of alcohol-free pregnancy!

NOFASD Australia’s staff and board members rocking our red shoes

If you have any questions or concerns about alcohol use in pregnancy, or FASD, please contact us or call the NOFASD Australia helpline on 1800 860 613.

Read more NOFASD Australia blogs or learn how to get involved with FASD Awareness Month!

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