NOFASD Australia is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Health.

For Individuals with FASD


Resources for adults with FASD

NDIS Glossary of Terms

The NDIS Glossary of Terms documents helps to explain some of the words used in the NDIS documents we have included on our website. Some of the terms will be related to the NDIS terminology and some will explain important language related to FASD.

Example Letter Template

The Example Letter Template is available for parents and carers to download and edit as a helpful letter to share with LAC/ECEI Coordinators, NDIS Planners and service providers. The letter aims to support carers to share, in general terms how FASD can impact an individual.

General Letter of Support

The General Letter of Support is available as a sample only document on the website. For parents or carers who have a FASD diagnosis for their child or for adults with a diagnosis, NOFASD can amend this letter to include your personal details to support your NDIS application. Please contact for more information.

NDIS Sample Plan – Adult Female

The NDIS Sample Plan 2 is an example of a completed plan for an adult female with an NDIS diagnosis. This plan outlines some of the supports and goals which may be relevant for an adult requiring NDIS funding and support. This document is a sample ONLY and is specifically written for the case study provided, funding amounts included are not based on fact.

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