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We are pleased to announce the addition of a new webinar to our website. Created by NOFASD’s National Projects Officer Jessica Hannan, this webinar was developed to assist occupational therapists to understand the challenges that children with FASD and their families face. The webinar:
• Provides an outline of FASD,
• Identifies the impacts of FASD on functioning,
• Discusses the role of occupational therapy in the diagnosis and management of FASD, and
• Gives an overview of the Australian FASD Diagnostic Tool.

This presentation adds to NOFASD’s freely available webinars which include those for parents and carers, for teachers and educators, and for those wanting to bust the myths of FASD.

In addition to our online webinars NOFASD has created a free PowerPoint presentation which can be downloaded and used by anyone wishing to increase knowledge, awareness, and understanding about FASD. This has been prepared and referenced with the most current information. You can download the FASD 101 PowerPoint here.

To watch NOFASD’s webinar for Occupational Therapists click the link below.

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