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Welcome to the website of the National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (NOFASD) Australia.


The organisers of the international FASD awareness movement Red Shoes Rock are compiling a list of the advocates and supporters whose hard work has brought us to where we are today. Red Shoes Rock has recognised Sue Miers as a FASD pioneer for contributing to FASD awareness and support for almost 20 years! Sue founded NOFASD Australia on the 23rd March 1999 in response to her personal experience of caring for a child with FASD and struggling to find information and appropriate support services in Australia.

Red Shoes Rock wrote:

This dedicated Mum worked tirelessly, along with the support of a small dedicated group of volunteers, to have FASD recognized as a disability in Australia. Together they have advocated for the rights and interests of people living with FASD and provided information and support to individuals and families at a grassroots level.

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Sue retired from her official role with NOFASD Australia in 2015 but continues to provide voluntary support to the organisation in various roles. Her practice-based wisdom as the Parent & Family Support Co-ordinator ensures that NOFASD is able to develop staff, support clients and upskill those working to enhance the lives of individuals and families affected by FASD. Sue also contributes regularly to NOFASD’s social media presence, ensuring that messages about FASD and the importance of alcohol-free pregnancy reach far and wide throughout Australia and the world.

NOFASD Australia thanks Sue for her ongoing contribution to this important cause!

Visit the Red Shoes Rock website to read Sue’s full story and the stories of other FASD pioneers. You can also read more about the Red Shoes Rock campaign and how you can become involved in increasing understanding of FASD around the world.

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