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Every year on the 9th of September, people around the world come together to raise awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and the importance of staying alcohol-free for the nine months of pregnancy. International FASD Awareness Day gives a voice to those with FASD and their parents and carers and celebrates the strengths of those individuals and families impacted by FASD.

This year we may be acknowledging FASD Awareness Day a little differently. The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect us all. In some parts of Australia, restrictions are currently in place, which means that many of us cannot meet face-to-face. NOFASD compiled this list of online resources that you can share with your friends or families virtually. Whatever situation you’re in right now, we can still acknowledge and raise awareness of FASD within our community!

Raising awareness of FASD online

You can participate in FASD Awareness Day without leaving your home by:

  • Sharing links and information on your social media pages,
  • Emailing links and online resources to friends and family, or
  • Hosting a Zoom watch party (click here to find out how).
  • Ordering free FASD Awareness Day resources from NOFASD Australia, posting them to your friends and family (who doesn’t love a gift in the post!) and giving them a call to talk about FASD, contact us by 30th August to request a resource pack.

FREE Online FASD Information Session

NOFASD Australia is presenting our popular 2 hour Information Workshop free of charge on 9th September.

Hopefully you will have ‘rocked your red shoes’ to raise awareness on the 9th and will be ready for more in-depth knowledge about FASD. This free online workshop will be held at 11am AEST (9am AWST) on Thursday September 9th, hosted through Zoom. Places are limited so please register.

This introductory workshop will provide an overview of FASD and strategies to help support individuals and their families. The course content will include:

  • Description of FASD and the diagnostic process
  • Impacts and challenges for individuals and families living with FASD
  • Strategies for support and learning
  • FASD and the NDIS

To register for this event please click here

Help us spread the word on Social Media

The NOFASD team would love you to help us raise awareness in the lead up to FASD Awareness Day on the 9th of September and have prepared some clues to help you do this on the social media platforms where you are active.

Click here to watch easy instructions on how to share and spread the word.
Click here to find some easy downloadable instructions on how you can do this.

NOFASD Australia links to share on social media or via email

For everyone
FASD Awareness Day Video
Red Shoes Rock web page
FASD Facts Brochure
FASD Myths Podcast
Buckle Your Seatbelt for FASD Blog

For adults without children
FASD Is My Problem Too Blog

For pregnant parents
Why Doesn’t It Worry Us Blog

Other links to share on social media or via email

FASD Facebook Frame
Follow this link to add a FASD frame to your Facebook profile photo. Just search for ‘FASD is close to my heart’ and then click add/save.

Why Red Shoes?
Find out why we wear red shoes in this blog by R.J. Formanek – FASD Educator, Speaker, Red Shoes Rock and Flying With Broken Wings

Red Shoes Rock Images
Download these great images and share them with your friends and family

Make sure when you’re sharing on social media that you tag:

Online videos for Zoom watch parties

Hidden Harm – ABC 4Corners
“In this confronting story, we take you into the lives of three everyday Australian families grappling with the consequences of drinking in pregnancy. The children face a devastating range of problems, from behavioural issues to learning difficulties, collectively known as Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. And it’s much more common than you might think. Best projections indicate it could affect more than half a million Australians.”

Bottled Shame – Sunday
“Every year up to 3000 Kiwi babies are born with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).  It’s permanent brain damage caused by alcohol exposure in the womb.  Although FASD causes serious learning, social and emotional problems, there is no government funding to support those living with it.  We meet the children and families who are in the middle of what experts call a crisis, needing urgent action.”

Is Alcohol Ever OK for Expectant Mothers? – SBS Insight
“Insight talks to pregnant women, parents, doctors and victims of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder to learn if any level of drinking is safe during pregnancy, and what the consequences are.”

Justice for FASD – Attitude
“Daniel and Jakob are 2 teens living with a surprisingly common, yet largely misunderstood disability, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – a brain condition that affects how you think, learn and behave.”

Looking after yourself and each other

Please make sure you consider the risk factors and restrictions in your state and community when deciding how you will recognise FASD Awareness Day.

If you need resources to manage the challenges of COVID-19 please see our coronavirus resource blogs and feel free to call the NOFASD Australia helpline on 1800 860 613 or contact us here. These blogs are packed full of resources for supporting someone with FASD during the pandemic:

Learn more about NOFASD’s resources for community events

Read more NOFASD Australia blogs

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Thank you for helping us create more awareness. 

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