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National Organisation for FASD Australia

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International Ambassadors

Dr Raja Mukherjee

Dr Raja Mukherjee is an Adult Learning Disability Consultant Psychiatrist for Surrey and Border’s Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, with interest in the management of developmental disorders across the lifespan. In September 2009 he started the first NHS based specialist Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders behavioural clinic and since then has seen over 150 cases for specialist second opinion as a National referral service. Dr Mukherjee completed his PhD on the subject of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in 2014.

He has also acted as an invited advisor to the BMA board of science, The Department of Health and the World Health Organisation on the subject of FASD. In 2015 Dr Mukherjee also gave evidence to the first All Party Parliamentary Group on FASD at the House of commons.

He is currently Clinical Lead for Adult Neurodevelopmental Services provided by Surrey and Borders including Adult ASD and ADHD services across Surrey, Hampshire and Portsmouth. He is a member and academic secretary of the RCPsych SIG on neurodevelopmental disorders.

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