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National Organisation for FASD Australia

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Strengths of children with FASD

Children with FASD do best when their individual strengths are recognised. Every child with FASD has their own set of unique strengths, yet unfortunately they are often only defined by their problem behaviours or their disability. While it is important to understand and accept the disability and focus on solving problems related to behaviour, this approach can mean forgetting to appreciate your child as a whole person.

When we only focus on their problems we limit their possibilities but when we also focus on their amazing strengths we can help them be more successful in school and in the community.

Appreciating them as a whole person, not just a person with a disability, and maintaining a focus on what they do well can also help to decrease other secondary challenges. Common

strengths include:

  • Highly verbal
  • Bright in some areas
  • Artistic, musical, mechanical
  • Athletic
  • Friendly, outgoing, affectionate
  • Willing
  • Helpful
  • Generous
  • Good with younger children
  • Every day is a new day!


This little booklet provides more information about how you can focus on strengths to help your child: A Focus on Strengths: Useful and Practical Tips

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