Advice Cards

FASD Advice Cards for Community

A useful tool to educate community members and enlist the support of bystanders during a meltdown.

These wallet-sized cards can be carried with you and given to bystanders when your child experiences a sensory overload in public. Parents and caregivers of people living with FASD know which strategies are most effective to improve or de-escalate a situation, however well-meaning community members sometimes jump to the conclusion that simple solutions like firm parenting and the use of consequences might solve behaviour problems. These Advice Cards enable parents and care-givers to enlist the support of observers by quietly explaining what is going on and asking for their cooperation, including not staring or becoming involved unless assistance is requested.

These cards are posted free-of-charge to parents and carers. To order cards please contact us here.

We would like to acknowledge Parenting Complex Children (Wisconsin, USA) for the text and opportunity to produce these cards.

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