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This year is the 20th anniversary of International FASD Awareness Day! To mark the occasion NOFASD Australia is holding an animal photo competition, encouraging everyone to get out in public, and on social media, to start conversations about FASD!

To enter the competition simply post a photo of your animal in red shoes on Facebook with the hashtag #NOFASD. We encourage you to write a message about FASD prevention and the importance of alcohol-free pregnancy!

The post with the most likes will be selected as the winning photograph, so share your pictures far and wide. Entries will be accepted until the 31st August, and the winner will be announced on FASD Day – the 9th of September.

The winner will receive a copy of the highly recommended book Trying Differently Rather than Harder by Diane Malbin, and a $50 gift voucher to Digital Journey Photography. Digital Journey’s photographs are captured by a talented young person who has FASD. He sells beautiful printable images, cards and bags. Digital Journey captured and donated this blog’s fantastic Red Shoes Rock cover image of the outspoken black dog.

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