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National Organisation for FASD Australia

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Red Shoes Rock Zipper Clip

Red Shoes Rock Zipper Clip can be attached onto clothing, bags, jewellery, or shoes.


Red Shoes Rock Necklace

Add to your Red Shoes Rock wardrobe with this dainty necklace.


Red Shoes Rock Lapel Pin

If you don’t have red shoes, don’t like wearing necklaces or don’t have pierced ears you can still support Red Shoes Rock with this discreet lapel pin which is sure to be a catchy way to start a conversation about FASD!


Red Shoes Rock Earrings

These earrings will make a great addition to your Red Shoes Rock wardrobe.


Red Shoes Rock – Stress Shoes

What better way to relieve stress than squeezing a red shoe!


Red Shoe Rock Keyring

Everyone can use a keyring and this item can make a thoughtful gift for anyone in your life. What better way to support FASD awareness than with a keyring?


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