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Eyebite Cards

These cards are created for caregivers or practitioners caring or working with children and people with FASD or a neuro-developmental condition.


Eyebite Cards



Cards to help with planning, reflecting on and discussing FASD. Some ideas for using these cards include:

  • On your own to reflect on what happened when you are feeling heightened, or at the end of the day for planning.
  • Carers with professionals – to assist in reaching agreement on what kind of approach is needed. A single card is a simple reference point for discussion.
  • Carers’ groups – to use as a focus or reference for discussion.
  • At family meetings or with professionals to easily share information or approaches, for reflection and planning.
  • To help at the time of explaining a diagnosis of FASD, and for subsequent help.
  • For a person with FASD to use with a support person, to reflect on how to explain to a friend or a family member what does and does not work for them.


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