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Top of the Page book

Life unfolds in an unpredictable fashion, frequently surprising us with both uplifting or disappointing experiences. This is the story of my life changing experience. It tells of discovering the hidden complexities and the journey a couple shared with a little girl living with the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and trauma. It is a journey they continue to stare, love and learn from as they face the ups and downs together.

Service Planning Guide

This a framework for organising information you need to understand, explain and facilitate optimal care for individuals with prenatal alcohol exposure or other complex neurodevelopment profiles.


Red Shoes Rock – Stress Shoes

Buy one of our NOFASD Australia; Stress Relief Keychains and help promote Red Shoes Rock.

Red Shoes Rock – Fridge Magnets

Red Shoes Rock magnets featuring Australian animals such as the Kangaroo, Crocodile and Quokka.

Red Shoes Rock – “Ask Me”

The original Red Shoes Rock "Ask Me" T-Shirt for spreading the message about FASD! Sizes range from S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Open Up About FASD Sunflower T-Shirt

The "Open Up About FASD" Sunflower T-Shirt Sizes range from S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Office Pack

Items to help you set up your office space - consists of 1 mouse pad, 2 bookmarks, 1 stress shoe, 1 pen, 1 keep cup, and 1 notebook.


My Kind of Mind Booklet

We all learn and copy by using our strengths, skills and talents. This booklet explores the world the point of view of someone living with FASD and other neurodevelopment disorders. Their answers will show what things are easy, hard, or somewhere in the middle and describe how you cope with stress, struggles, joy and dreams, as well as helping those individuals know themselves a little better and help with organising and planning for the future


Mini Red Shoes Rock Pack

Consists of 10 bookmarks, 5 stickers, 1 stress shoe, 5 magnets


Keep Cup

Red Shoes Rock Bamboo Keep Cup, featuring Australian animals in their red shoes.

It’s A Party Birthday Book

This booklet aims to help with the process of planning a party specifically for children with FASD. (See below for more information)  

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