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17th June Newsletter
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NOFASD Australia has had a request from Rebecca a reporter who is hoping to interview adults living with FASD for a story:
"I'm a reporter at and am writing a story about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I'd love to speak to adults who are living with the condition, about what life is like now and how you manage your day to day health issues. You can call me on 02 9288 7380 Look forward to hearing from you."
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Cain Lazenby
In the media
An early introduction to alcohol is not only a serious health concern but could also hamstring the chances of your child reaching their academic potential.
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For Parents/Carers/Families
Some great tips on how to talk to a child with a brain injury such as FASD

Not sure if it could be FASD? Here are some useful fact sheets to help you get started with the assessment and diagnosis process

Most children with FASD have Information Processing Issues – What you need to know

Online Course (Updated June 2016): The Caregiver Curriculum on FASD© This online course is from Canada but is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to increase their understanding of FASD
Cain Lazenby
For Service Providers
June 2016 Newsletter from Telethon Kids Institute Alcohol Pregnancy & FASD Research Group

Coming soon from Telethon Kids Institute: Diagnostic Instrument e-learning modules. Register for updates: [email protected]

Reflections on Canadian Guidelines Diagnosis FASD 

Call for Abstracts: 7th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder FASD Submission Deadline: Aug 26, 2016

10% of people in Canadian correctional institutions have FASD? Read more about their Bill C-235 that seeks to amend the Criminal Code to address FASD, and to modify the Corrections and Conditional Release Act to add, “persons suffering from a fetal alcohol disorder or other disabilities” to a list of special considerations.

Alcohol & FASD: It’s not just about women - paternal factors & alcohol use, play a larger role in fetal/child health than just passing along genes

New Research

Mechanisms of influence: Alcohol industry submissions to the inquiry into fetal alcohol spectrum disorders Drug & Alcohol Review (Australia)
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