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Final Reminder
Community Conversations focussing on Alcohol, Pregnancy and FASD. The Darwin Community Conversation will be held on July 11th and Brisbane July 13th. If you, a family member or friend have an interest in the effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy you are invited to come and talk about research in this area and the best ways to include community opinions in research. A light supper and small payment for out of pocket expenses will be provided. For further information and bookings please go to
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Cain Lazenby
In the Media
The System has 'failed' Rosie Anne Fulton, an Alice Springs woman who was held for almost two years in WA without charge because she is intellectually impaired and who has been in an out of prison since she was sent back to the NT.

Bar Dispenses $2 Pregnancy Test Kits To Fight Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - the idea of putting dispensers in washrooms comes from a U.S. nonprofit called Healthy Brains for Children based in Minnesota. The goal, says the director of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Society Yukon, is to create a timely reminder and "to make it normal that we check for pregnancy before we drink."
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For Parents/Carers/Families
Most children and adults living with FASD experience Sensory overload. These five videos simulate the experience of sensory overload.

Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities generally interpret auditory information (what they hear) literally and concretely. They can have difficulty understanding figurative language, jokes/riddles, multiple meaning words, teasing and implied meanings. Learn more here

This is an amazing 3D representation on the effect alcohol has on your body and brain provided by Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation Incorporated

Especially for your child’s teachers: Kids with FASD and other developmental disabilities often have slow processing speed and can have trouble keeping up in class, participating in discussions and staying focused. Here are some classroom accommodations that may help

MyTime groups provide support for mothers, fathers, grandparents and anyone caring for a child with complex needs. Find a group near you here:
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Cain Lazenby
For Service Providers
Have you seen the recently released Queensland Child and Youth Clinical Network Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (‪‎FASD‬)Position Statement

New – 2015 FASD Prevention Bibliography: A look at “Prevalence” Each year, researchers with the Prevention Network Action Team (pNAT) ofCanFASD Research Network conduct an international literature review of academic articles published on FASD prevention. Rose Schmidt and Nancy Poole of BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health looked at articles published between January and December 2015 and compiled a comprehensive bibliography of 88 FASD prevention-related articles.

With half of pregnancies unplanned, what ARE the risks of drinking before you know you’re expecting? Diana Lucia, PhD student and Karen Moritz, Associate Professor, are from the School of Biomedical Sciences, the University of Queensland.

Call for Abstracts: 7th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder FASD Submission Deadline: Aug 26, 2016

European Conference on FASD - Research conference from 12-14 Sep 2016, Royal Holloway, University of London Prof Elizabeth Elliott (AUS) is one of the Keynote speakers
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Cain Lazenby
New Research
A recent animal study highlights the possibility that preconception alcohol affects the inheritance of stress-related diseases possibly by epigenetic mechanisms.

Drs. Andrew Greenshaw and Egon Jonsson are leading a unique Canadian study to see whether using technology called the SoberLink device could help at-risk pregnant women abstain from alcohol for the duration of their pregnancy and afterwards

Childhood placement in out-of-home care in relation to psychosocial outcomes in adults with fetal alcohol syndrome European Journal of Public Health July 2016 home_care_in_relation_to_psychosocial_outcomes_in_adults_with_fetal_alcohol_syndrome
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