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Important Notice

International FASD Awareness Day is the 9th September.

Join The Pledge!

Show your support by pledging to not consume alcohol on this day. As some examples, you might post a status on Facebook, post a picture of yourself with a non-alcoholic beverage on Twitter, or share your photos from your FASD Awareness Day event on Instagram – whatever you like!
You can make a statement like “I’m choosing to be alcohol-free on the 9th of the 9th because I know what FASD is.”
All we ask is that you include the hashtag #FASDAwarenessDay. And don't forget to share this post!

We look forward to seeing your pledges on social media soon! 


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Cain Lazenby

In the Media

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder diagnosis tool hoped to change lives of Australian victims…/foetal-alcohol-spectrum-dis…/7671168

The Telethon Kids Institute's Professor Carol Bower is not surprised by new research that shows alcohol use in pregnancy is 'common'.

NOFASDAustralia Ambassador Professor Elizabeth Elliott calls for action on ‪‎FASD in justice systems…/

Identification of Early Biomarkers for Alcohol Related Brain Development Abnormalities - See more at:…/identification-of-early-bi…/…

Parental substance use increases health risks among children. Paediatricians have a role to play…/Parental-substance-use-increa…

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For Parents/Carers/Families

New blog post from‪FASDLearningWithHope: Thank You Teachers! But Did You Really Understand Me & My FASD?

A great graphic to explain the accommodations necessary to support Executive Functioning

Great video presentation from Andrew Peterson - a motivational speaker, gold medal Special Olympic athlete & ‪‎FASD advocate

It is World ‪‎Breastfeeding Week. Get the facts on breastfeeding & ‪alcohol…/alcohol,-pre…/

Kids with FASD are usually visual learners and thrive on routine. This new smart watch helps kids with routines & helps develop good habits. It’s a watch that nags your children so you don’t have to!…/octopus-watch-on-kickstar…


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Cain Lazenby

For Service Providers


Why do Pregnant Women Drink ‪‎Alcohol - 40th video series…/why-do-pregnant-…/

Telethon Kids Institute are seeking a Senior Research Officer for the Pilbara ‪FASD Research Project Closing date:5:00pm, Friday 12th August 2016…/senior-research-officer-pilba…/

Dr Larry Burd: Drinks worse than drugs for expectant mothers…/4084660-drinks-worse-drugs-expecting-…

Have you seen the NZ Pregnancy & Alcohol Cessation Toolkit - Education Resource for Health Professionals?

Call for Abstracts: 7th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder FASD Submission Deadline: Aug 26, 2016

European Conference on FASD - Research conference from 12-14 Sep 2016, Royal Holloway, University of London Professor Elizabeth Elliott (AUS) is one of the Keynote speakers






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New Research

Gross motor performance in children prenatally exposed to alcohol and living in remote Australia

A Renewed Call to Action: The Need for Systematic Research on Interventions for FASD

‪‎FASD & Youth Firesetting: A Need for Increased Awareness and Understanding Among Fire Prevention and Safety Specialists

Fetal alcohol growth restriction and cognitive impairment - The findings from this research validate the use of growth restriction in the diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and identify growth trajectory as a biomarker of which heavily exposed children are at greatest risk for cognitive developmental deficits.…/07/06/peds.2016-0775

Prenatal substance use and developmental disorders: Overview and highlights - Tuan - 2016 - Wiley Online Library

An Update on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome—Pathogenesis, Risks, and Treatment - This review aimed to focus on the pathogenesis, especially mechanisms of alcohol teratogenicity, and risks of developing FAS. Recent developments in potential management strategies, including prenatal interventions, are discussed.…/10.11…/acer.13135/abstract

Fetal alcohol-spectrum disorders: identifying at-risk mothers…

The impact of fetal alcohol syndrome on a child's classroom performance : a case study of a rural South African school

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: Prevention, identification, and intervention,.4.aspx



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