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Important Notice

Free Webinar Friday 19th of August 2016

Title: Understanding the learning challenges for children living with FASD 

Description: Aimed at those that work with children in the learning environment, this webinar will assist teachers and educators to understand the challenges that children with FASD face in their learning journey. The webinar will:

  • -Outline what FASD is,
  • -Help the participant respond to a child with FASD,
  • -Provide strategies to support the child in the classroom.
  • -Advise the participant where to go for more assistance and information

Presenter: Anne Heath has a background in community services (alcohol and drug, youth work, disability, mental health, homelessness) and has directly worked with, or supported staff who have worked with children and adults living with FASD. Anne has a Master of Education, and currently works in the Faculty of Education at the University of Tasmania, teaching Human Development to undergraduate teaching students.

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Cain Lazenby

Date to remember

International FASD Awareness Day is the 9th September. Do you have an event planned? If so, we would love to hear from you!


We also invite you to Join The Pledge!


Show your support by pledging to not consume alcohol on this day. As some examples, you might post a status on Facebook, post a picture of yourself with a non-alcoholic beverage on Twitter, or share your photos from your FASD Awareness Day event on Instagram – whatever you like!
You can make a statement like “I’m choosing to be alcohol-free on the 9th of the 9th because I know what FASD is.”
All we ask is that you include the hashtag #FASDAwarenessDay. And don't forget to share this post!

We look forward to seeing your pledges on social media soon!



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In the media

NT: Too much grog, too much harm - a media release from Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education


This article has been written especially for Mothers of children with Special Needs. We also see you!!





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Special Request

Are you a neuropsychologist with an interest/expertise in FASD? NOFASD Australia is regularly contacted by adults who have a history of prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) and suspect they have FASD. The international experience tells us that in the absence of diagnosis, appropriate neurospychological assessments can be used to inform service delivery and ultimately affirm and support adults who have FASD and increase positive outcomes for this population. If you are interested in providing such a service and are happy to be listed on our internal referral database, we would love to hear from you (1300 306 238 or contact us online


For more information go to


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For Parents/Carers/Families

Are you concerned that your child may have FASD but feel you aren’t being listened to or you don’t know where to go? We can connect you with diagnostic services & provide you with further information and support. You can contact us by phone 1300306238 or online

No Sticker Charts Please – Try Understanding Executive Function Instead

In this helpful article, adoptive father Craig Petersen explains how understanding Executive Functions and changing the environment can provide more effective support for children with FASD.

Children with ‪FASD often have high anxiety levels. Learn how this can lead to disruptive behaviour

Some great tips on ‘How to Help Someone Who Has a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder’


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For Service Providers

Often ‘knowing about FASD’ isn’t always the same as ‘understanding FASD’. In this video, internationally renowned FASD expert Diane Malbin, presents a different lens through which to view behaviour.

From the Canada FASD Research Network: Stigma, Discrimination and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

What is Justice Re-investment – this video explains!! Justice reinvestment will help ensure that children withFASDreceive timely diagnosis & appropriate supports that in turn will help decrease their contact with the legal system and incarceration when they reach adolescence and adulthood.

Do you work in an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health care setting & need a tool to create locally relevant & culturally appropriate resources on FASD? This great app will show you how.


Reducing the Rate of Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders in Children with Prenatal Substance Exposure: The Role of Child Protection Services. This 2016 webinar is now available for viewing online.


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Special request for carers


NSW Health are looking for up to 10-15 carers and consumers to provide feedback on the next stage of the Pathways to Community Living Initiative. NSW Health are seeking the consumer/carer perspective to check they are on the right track in the tender details of the next stage – adults that have been in residential NSW mental health services for more than 365 days.



Carers should be:

  • Carers of people who are participating in the, 'Pathways to Community Living Initiative'(ideal candidates),
  • Carers of people currently in long stay facilities or who have stayed in facilities a long time who would like to have a community accommodation option for their loved one, OR;
  • Carers of people who would like to access a community accommodation option developed for their loved one, even though they are not currently residing in a facility.


Venue: Collective Purpose, Suite 501, Level 5, 80 William St, Woolloomooloo, 2011

Time: 12.00pm – 2.45pm, Carer portion from 1.30pm – 2.45pm, (Catering will be served around 1pm)

Date: 29 August 2016


NSW Health will provide $70 to cover transport costs for each consumer/carer to attend.


If you are interested in participating, please contact directly Robyn Murray at [email protected]


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New Research


Reducing the Rate of Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders in Children with Prenatal Substance Exposure: The Role of Child Protection Services. This 2016 webinar is now available for viewing online.

Neurobehavioral Deficits Consistent Across Age and Sex in Youth with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure - This new study examined the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure, sex, and age on neurobehavioral functioning in children.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Maternal Alcohol Biomarkers in Sera: A Register-Based Case–Control Study. This study explores the usability of various alcohol biomarkers for FAS screening in the absence of self-reported alcohol use FASD





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