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Important Notice

International FASD Awareness Day is the 9th September. Do you have an event planned? If so, we would love to hear from you!

We also invite you to Join The Pledge!

Show your support by pledging to not consume alcohol on this day. As some examples, you might post a status on Facebook, post a picture of yourself with a non-alcoholic beverage on Twitter, or share your photos from your FASD Awareness Day event on Instagram – whatever you like!
You can make a statement like “I’m choosing to be alcohol-free on the 9th of the 9th because I know what FASD is.”
All we ask is that you include the hashtag #FASDAwarenessDay. And don't forget to share this post!

We look forward to seeing your pledges on social media soon!


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Fetal protection from exposure to alcohol is not just a woman’s responsibility it is everyone’s responsibility!



Research conducted in Australia reveals that the majority of women who continued to drink in pregnancy drank with their partner and that heavy drinking women were more likely to have partners who were heavy drinkers.

Emerging research demonstrates that paternal alcohol use can contribute to DNA damage to sperm and fetus and can result in low birthweight, congenital heart defects and reduced cognitive ability. Some studies support an impact to the fetus from paternal alcohol consumption even in the absence of maternal alcohol exposure.

There is also a range of other risk factors that contribute to women’s drinking patterns, for example, poverty, poor nutrition, mental health issues, domestic violence and other historical cultural factors.

These risk factors can only be addressed at a systems and community level.




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Cain Lazenby

In the media


To hell and back — how June Oscar dried out Fitzroy Crossing

June Oscar is a NOFASD Australia Ambassador. We applaud her incredible leadership in developing solutions to address ‪FASD in her community.…/d13f9f1fa535c6a9d5b57b582d118f…

Speech from the NZ Assistant Minister for Health given at the launch of their new ‪FASD Action Plan 2016-2019 - so pleasing to see the NZ Government acknowledge the importance of keeping those most affected in the community at the heart of this new plan and also the tireless work and dedication of Christine Rogan and also Claire Gyde from FASD-CAN.Speech:

Link to Action Plan:


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Cain Lazenby

For Parents/Carers/Families


Children with FASD are usually very concrete, visual learners. Here is a great idea for creating an after school routine that kids can follow more easily!

Latest ‪FASD update from our friends in NZ

‘FASD & Learning' - this great resource from NZ provides strategies to support teachers provide an inclusive classroom and meet the learning needs of students with FASD. It is a suitable guide for all teachers anywhere and also for parents to use when advocating for their child!


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For Service Providers


FASD - Pathways to success - Developmental Disability WA Tuesday, 30 August 2016 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM (AWST)


This workshop will offer alternative ways of understanding FASD and how embedding children, adolescents and adults within normative pathways can result in community membership and participation including employment with reduced secondary disabilities so often associated with FASD. Examples of successful outcomes will be shared.

More info:

We Al-li's "Working With Children" workshop to be held in Coffee Camp NSW 14-15 September 2016. This workshop is designed to expand and deepen the skills of professional staff working within trauma informed practice, for self-care in response to possible vicarious trauma.


Taking Action on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: 2016–2019: An action plan:


‘FASD & Learning' - This new resource from NZ provides strategies to support teachers provide an inclusive classroom and meet the learning needs of students with FASD. It is a suitable guide for all teachers anywhere!


American Academy of Pediatrics releases their updated Diagnostic Guidelines for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:

Advances in fetal alcohol exposure research & the global impact of ‪FASD

‪‎FASD study creates a blueprint for understanding the role of epigenetics in neurodevelopmental disorders:


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New Research


Alcohol-Induced Developmental Origins of Adult-Onset Diseases. These studies are critical to establish interventional strategies that decrease incidence of these adult-onset diseases and promote healthier aging among individuals affected with ‪‎FASD.

A Decision Tree to Identify Children Affected by Prenatal Alcohol Exposure.
The decision tree model distinguished children affected by prenatal alcohol exposure from non-exposed control subjects, including those with other behavioral concerns or conditions. Improving identification of this population will streamline access to clinical services, including multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment.

Associative DNA methylation changes in children with prenatal alcohol exposure - Children born with ‪FASD have unique DNA methylation defects. A buccal swab may be novel strategy for diagnosis in the future

Assessing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Women Offenders – In this study from Correctional Services Canada, a screening tool to assess ‪FASD was piloted with women offenders. Results suggest that the tool has promise in identifying women with probable FASD.

Eye Tracking Shows Promise as Screening Tool for Children with FASD



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