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Dates to remember

International FASD Awareness Day is the 9th September. Do you have an event planned? If so, we would love to hear from you!

We also invite you to Join The Pledge!

Show your support by pledging to not consume alcohol on this day. As some examples, you might post a status on Facebook, post a picture of yourself with a non-alcoholic beverage on Twitter, or share your photos from your FASD Awareness Day event on Instagram – whatever you like!
You can make a statement like “I’m choosing to be alcohol-free on the 9th of the 9th because I know what FASD is.”

All we ask is that you include the hashtag #FASDAwarenessDay. And don't forget to share this post!We look forward to seeing your pledges on social media soon!


We have teamed up with Mental Health Carers NSW to run a 2hr Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) awareness workshop on the 8th November! Free for Families/Carers and Consumers and $40 for Clinicians

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Free Webinar

Celebrate 9th of September – International FASD Day by joining our free webinar.
The webinar will assist parents and carers to understand the challenges that children with FASD face in their journey. The webinar will:

- Outline what FASD is
- Help the participant respond to a child with FASD
- Provide strategies to support the child in the classroom.
- Advise the participant where to go for more assistance and information
Register for our free webinar on September 9th

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News & media


NOFASDAustralia welcomes the release of the AMA Position Statement on FASD & their call for #FASD to be recognised as a disability…/fetal-alcohol-spectrum-disorder-fasd-2…

Blokes take a pregnant pause and don't drink when your partner is expecting -Fetal protection from exposure to alcohol is not just a woman’s responsibility it is everyone’s responsibility and support from partners is crucial!…/blokes-take-a-pregnant-pa…

From The Prevention Conversation: Alcohol & Pregnancy Science - Alcohol is a neurotoxin & a teratogen. Lead is a neurotoxin but not a teratogen. No published study has suggested that alcohol is not a teratogen or demonstrated that prenatal alcohol use has any potential benefit to human development…/alcohol-and-pregnancy…/


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For Parents/Carers/Families

From NOFAS-US – A comprehensive list of FASD Resources, Activities and Apps for Parents and Teachers

Children & adults with FASD are often accused of lying but often it is not lying it is confabulation but what is confabulation?…/forensi…/understanding-confabulation

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For Service Providers

Have seen The Australian Guide to the Diagnosis of FASD. It is available for download on the Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit website.…/20160505-rep-australian-guide-to-d…

Why IQ alone is not a good measure of impairment for children who may have FASD

Understanding & managing disruptive behaviour (a common symptom of FASD) - How teachers can read and respond more effectively to disruptive students

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) & Suicidal Behaviour: An Introduction for Criminal Justice and Mental Health Professionals…/forensic-scholars-today/fasd-suicide

Understanding the Impairments of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome VictimsDr. Brian Leany, Ph.D.- The court and its officers must act as advocates to ensure that offenders with FASD, receive appropriate intervention after sentencing. A failure to do so can perpetuate the individual’s continuance in the criminal justice system (Schacht and Ladue 2003)…/

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New Research

Study protocol for screening and diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (#FASD) among young people sentenced to detention in Western Australia…/resou…/31544_31544.pdf


Alcohol, Methamphetamine, and Marijuana Exposure Have Distinct Effects on the Human Placenta


Productivity losses associated with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in NZ - New Zealand Medical Journal…/2010-20…/2016/vol-129-no-1440/6974

Post Doctoral Thesis - A Long-Term Neuroepigenomic Profile of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure


Alcohol Intervention for Adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Project Step Up, a Treatment Development Study

Objective Measures of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: A Systematic Review…/08/27/peds.2016-0517

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Watch our last webinar

If you missed out on our last webinar: : Understanding the learning challenges for children living with FASD
Click on the link below:
Description: Aimed at those that work with children in the learning environment, this webinar will assist teachers and educators to understand the challenges that children with FASD face in their learning journey. The webinar will:
• -Outline what FASD is,
• -Help the participant respond to a child with FASD,
• -Provide strategies to support the child in the classroom.
• -Advise the participant where to go for more assistance and information

The AMA acknowledges that FASD occurs in Australia

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