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Have you accessed services for a child or adult with FASD under the NDIS?

The three year trial phase for NDIS has now been completed and roll out for the full scheme in all states and territories is underway. Did you know that a diagnosis is not a prerequisite for access to the scheme? You will find the NDIS Access Checklist for eligibility here…/ndis-access-checklist.html

To help us with our advocacy work we are keen to know whether the needs of individuals and families living with FASD are better serviced under the new NDIS. If you have tried to access support through the NDIS for an adult or child who has a FASD diagnosis or who is experiencing developmental challenges and you suspect may have FASD, we would love to have feedback about your experience and in particular would appreciate your brief response to the following questions by email to <[email protected]>

Was your application successful?
If your application was unsuccessful on what grounds did they reject your request?
Was your application for adult or child support?
If you accessed support for children how old are they?
What is your post code?
If your application was successful are you happy with the supports you have been able to access and could you briefly list what support you are receiving?
Is the support you are receiving adequate?
If not adequate what else would help?


FASD Specific Workshops and Webinars


20th October 20th 3PM AEDT - Busting the FASD Myths


This webinar will assist any practitioner, parent or carer that that may interact with someone who has lived experience of FASD. There are multiple myths associated with FASD, and this webinar will challenge those myths, discuss the evidence, and present the facts.

To register please fill out form in link below:

8th November We have teamed up with Mental Health Carers NSW to run a 2hr Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) awareness workshop. Free for Families/Carers and Consumers and $40 for Clinicians

Nov 29th – 1st Dec Indigenous Allied Health Australia hosting a Forum: Understanding the needs of children and families impacted by FASD Registrations now open

If you have missed any of our recent FASD webinars, presented by our Educator/Trainer Anne Heath, they are now available for viewing online -


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Cain Lazenby


News & Media




AMA President calls on Government for FASD to be recognised as disability to stop children and families missing out on much-needed services…/

The NIAAA responds to the release of the AIHW Report, Australia's Health 2016 alcohol

WA Chief Justice Wayne Martin slams teen baby killer case, questions why FASD not considered…/4d046281fc81ac748ac1ed241e78cd…

Awesome leadership from an inspiring woman! We feel privileged to have June Oscar as one of our Ambassadors!

Royal commission in NT told foetal alcohol disorder and hearing loss contributing to incarceration

It is pleasing to see that attention is finally being drawn to the link between FASD & incarceration of young people at the NT Royal Commission into the child protection and youth detention systems. Nearly 10 years ago NOFASD Australia Founder Sue Miers and NOFASD Ambassadors Anne Russell & Dr. Jan Hammill drew attention to this issue in articles that were published in the Australian Children’s Rights News (May 2007). We can only surmise how many lives might have been saved had more timely pro-active action been taken back then. You can read their articles here…/Australian_Children's_Rights_News



For Parents/Carers/Families

Murdoch University researchers are interested in talking to biological mothers of children with FASD who were living in Perth during their pregnancy.


Investigating what sorts of advice and support women receive during their pregnancy from health professionals, family and friends, they are also very interested in knowing what was and wasn’t helpful for women.
The aim of the research is to help the health professional community understand what’s helpful and hopefully to improve practice.
The study has two parts. Women can elect to complete an anonymous online survey and/or take part in a face to face or phone interview.
Women who are selected to participate in the face to face or phone interview will also receive a Coles-Myer gift voucher.
The link to the online survey is:

The Graduate School of Health at University of Technology Sydney is inviting parents whose children have an intellectual disability to participate in a brief survey to see whether or not parents have experienced any barriers to accessing mental health services. Survey responses are anonymous, and participants can enter a draw for a $50 Coles Myer voucher.

Children with FASD often experience sleeping & eating challenges. Here are some strategies that might help…/Sleeping_and_Eating

5 Pillars to Support Someone with FASD from the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute…/

Information for supporting Australian children with Disability (FASD) Disability Standards for Education 2005

Incredibly poignant video from Neurodevnet "My Adult FASD Diagnosis: Clarity for a Man and his Mom" suicide

The second most common disorder that kids with FASD are given is ODD (ODD is the acronym for Oppositional Defiant Disorder.) This disorder can also be co morbid (occurs at the same time) with FASD. This article explores the link between oppositional behaviour and stress and reveals a new way to support children, informed by neuroscience.…/

Kids & Screen Time: Important information for all children and especially children living with FASD who often experience sleeping problems…/enews…/screen-time-and-sleep

Executive functioning impairments andFASDgo hand in hand. This article provides some understanding of what executive functioning impairments might feel like.


Most children with FASD are developmentally behind their chronological age. Understanding their developmental age is important for working out how best to meet their needs.

Solutions Foster Care Consulting Workshop - "Why Unconditional Love is the Key to Therapeutic Parenting"

Workshop for parents

"Why Unconditional Love is the Key to Therapeutic Parenting": as follows:

Venue: Bagster Road Community Centre

17 Bagster Road

Salisbury North

Date: 29th November 2016 Time: 7 - 9pm

RSVP: 21st November 2016

T 08 8242 5333

E [email protected]


Cain Lazenby
Cain Lazenby

For Service Providers


FASD, Stigma and the “Immediate Jump" "To state that FASD is 100% preventable is not accurate and that inaccuracy fuels stigma.


E learning modules for Australian Health Professionals involved in FASD Diagnosis The modules support the use of the Australian FASD Diagnostic Instrument and Guide.…/

Article in Scientific American: The Brain-from Womb to Tomb - From IQ to mental illness, how prenatal life affects the brainhttp


Many cases of ADHD might actually be a more subtle form of fetal alcohol syndrome FASD…/when-adhd-isnt-what-it…/384537/

The Importance of Using Person-First Language when Discussing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders…/person-first-language

A select number of presentations from EUFASD2016 are now available online with more to be added in the future

Presentations include NOFASD Australia Ambassador Associate Professor Carmela Pestell (Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist - FASD and juvenile justice in Australia



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New Research


Graphomotor skills in children with prenatal alcohol exposure and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A population-based study in remote Australia…/10.11…/1440-1630.12326/full

Cortical miscommunication after prenatal exposure to alcohol

Guidelines for identification and treatment of individuals with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and associated fetal alcohol spectrum disorders based upon expert consensus…/10.1186/s12888-01

New study using 1H-MRS to look at brain neurochemistry changes in neonates exposed to alcohol in utero

Alcohol-Related Neurobehavioral Disabilities: Need for Further Definition and Common Terminology…/138/4/e20161999

Second-Trimester Ultrasound as a Tool for Early Detection of FASD


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