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If you have missed any of the recent FASD webinars presented by NOFASDAustralia Educator/Trainer Anne Heath, they are now available for viewing online. NOFASD Webinars

News & media

Our sincerest & warmest congratulations are extended to NOFASD Ambassadors June Oscar & Dr Janet Hammill AM. Jan, has worked tirelessly over many years in research and advocacy to support people with FASD and was one of the finalists for the Qld Senior Australian of the Year Awards and June Oscar has recently been named as WA's winner in the Local Hero category of the Australian of the Year Awards for her outstanding determination and hard work to build a safe and healthy future for generations to come in the Fitzroy Crossing community. June will now join other finalists from all over Australia on January 25 in Canberra for the announcement of the National winners and we wish her the very best of luck!


Please help save the Baya Gawiy Early Childhood Learning Unit based in Fitzroy Crossing, WA. Funding for this Centre is due to run out in June 2017.The Baya Gawiy Centre is unique and is run by the Marninwarntikura Fitzroy Women’s Resource Centre. It provides high quality therapeutic and culturally sensitive education and care for young children living in remote Australian Communities, many of whom have complex needs including FASD.More information and links to a Petition can be found here


Senator Nigel Scullion has called for action over the numbers of people indefinitely detained in the Northern Territory, with particular reference to Roseanne Fulton. Read more


We are delighted to share this inspiring speech given by June Oscar at the Lowitja Institute Health & Wellbeing Conference. Read more

NACCHO has partnered with the Menzies School of Health Research & Telethon Kids Institute to develop and implement health promotion resources and interventions to prevent and reduce the impacts of FASD on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families and children. Read more


Women in Australia with tertiary degrees were twice as likely to continue drinking at moderate-high levels while pregnant, while those with a household income of more than $100,000 were both more likely continue consumption and binge drink before they were aware they were pregnant. Read more


NOFASD Ambassador Dr James Fitzpatrick speaks to the ABC about Fitzroy Crossing where he’s worked for over 15 years. In his closing remarks he makes a plea to Australian politicians and departmental officials across all jurisdictions. Listen here


Latest news from NACCHO: Leading experts in FASDbelieve Australia’s record rates of Indigenous incarceration could be dramatically reduced if children were clinically assessed when their troubled behaviour first emerged in the classroom or at home. Read more


Teenage Binge Drinking can affect Brain Functions in Future Offspring. Read more


A new blood test may help identifyFASD. Read more

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Cain Lazenby

For Parents/Carers/Families


My NDIS Pathway - Your Guide to being an NDIS Participant. Read more

The Special Education Resource Unit in SA has a collection of teaching and learning resources to support children and students with disabilities and learning difficulties and can be accessed by parents/caregivers supporting a Birth to Year 12 child/student with disabilities or identified learning difficulties. Read more

The majority of children with FASD also have Sensory Processing Disorders. Effective treatment is available from SPD Australia. For more information and a list of therapists in each state who can provide services to help your child go here

Supporting Success for Adults with FASD. This booklet is a vehicle to provide information and basic, practical accommodations that can lead to good lives for those we support who live with FASD, and those we have yet to meet and welcome into our communities. Read more

IQ measures what you know and Executive functioning is a measure of what you do with what you know. For children with FASD IQ is not a good measure of their executive functioning abilitiy. This video explains how to spot Executive Functioning Issues and what you can do. View video


Here is a great "expectations" chart to share with teachers or other family members who may not fully understand the capabilities of your child with FASD especially when they may speak very well and/or have an IQ that falls within the "normal" range. Chart


Parenting Children WithFASD: How Important Are Pre-Emptive Strategies? Read more


All About Me – a great resource that can be adapted, filled out and personalized for your child.Read more

For Service Providers



Is your organisation FASD informed? FASD, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed will be a reality for some of your clients. Knowing about FASD and understanding FASD doesn't necessarily equate. In depth knowledge about FASD is vital to an effective FASD informed practice. Service providers’ use of a “FASD lens” to develop strategies and supports on an individual basis according to each client's presenting behaviours and assets is necessary to avoid making mistakes in case planning and case management. Read more

FASD, Confabulation and the Criminal Justice and Mental Health Systems: An Introduction to a Complex Topic. Read More

ForEducators - FASD & Trauma Resource – 7 ways to calm a young brain in trauma. Read more

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued new recommendations to improve the quality of antenatal care including: "Health-care providers should ask all pregnant women about their use of alcohol and other substances (past and present) as early as possible in the pregnancy and at every antenatal visit." Read more

The Vestibular, Visual and Auditory Systems can all be impacted by prenatal exposure to alcohol. This article explains why learning fails when they don’t work together. Read more


Cain Lazenby
Cain Lazenby

New Research

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): an Approach to Effective Prevention. Read more


Peri-Conceptual and Mid-PregnancyAlcoholConsumption: A Comparison between Areas of High and Low Deprivation in Scotland. Read more

The association between parental attributions of misbehavior and parenting practices in caregivers raising children with prenatal alcohol exposure: A mixed-methods study. Read more


New DSM diagnosis proposed for prenatal alcohol exposure Read more


Cohesive Referencing Errors During Narrative Production as Clinical Evidence of Central Nervous System Abnormality in School-Aged Children With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Read more

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