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Since 1998 NOFASD Australia has been working to change the lives of children/adults living with FASD and their families through information, support and advocacy. We are passionately committed to improving public policy and service system delivery by working together with collaborative networks, other agencies, both government and non-government, to strengthen our efforts to drive change that will lead to more positive outcomes for children and families living with FASD. We advocate the importance of families being recognised and valued as vital partners in this work.

Whether you’re a parent, carer, sibling, family member or a professional who works with children and families living with FASD, visit our web page ( and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay informed about decisions affecting you. Never hesitate to call our helpline 1300 306 238 for free confidential support or information or to offer your feedback.


PHOTO: NOFASD Staff, Board Members and Volunteers (missing is Board Chair Janet Woollard who took the photo!).


Congratulations to NOFASD Ambassador Dr James Fitzpatrick for winning the WA of the Year 2017 Professions Award and a big thank you for your commitment to improving the lives of families living with FASD.


Special Mention

Every child or adult who has FASD has strengths and helping them build on these strengths enables them to experience success. This month we are highlighting the achievements of two very talented Australians, Jackie and DJ who have FASD and have done just that!


Jackie is a member of the Adelaide band The Sisters of Invention who have recently been recognised in an International online magazine article! You can check out more information about the band and view their inspirational debut single video clip 'This Isn't Disneyland' here


DJ is 12, is an award winning Lego whizz and is also a very talented photographer (amongst other things!) You can view a couple of his very creative photos pictured above.



Conferences/Workshops and webinars

Family as Planning Partners (hosted by Developmental Disability WA) Wednesday July 19 2017 Information & booking

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service: FASD Seminar - Child Development Service July 27 2017 $85 Professionals $40 Parent. Contact: Sue or Naomi Email: [email protected]

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Training Day 2017 Tuesday 8th August 2017. Information & booking

Global Alcohol Policy Conference October 4-6th 2017 Melbourne. Read more

2017 National Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Conference in Calgary, Alberta on October 24-27, 2017 Information & Registration

Mental Health Carers NSW are hosting a number of certified training courses and education opportunities in 2017. Information & Registration

If you have missed any of the recent FASD webinars presented by NOFASD Australia, they are now available for viewing online. NOFASD Webinars


Cain Lazenby

News & media


Mixed messages sent about alcohol in pregnancy (Australia). Read more

The Queensland Family and Child Commission have uploaded some new FASD videos on their website including videos featuring NOFASD Ambassadors Anne Russell & Doug Shelton. Go to website


Australian scientists find that drinking even small amounts of alcohol during early pregnancy before you even realise you are pregnant can change your baby's face. Read more


Are you going alcohol free because you're planning a pregnancy or could be or become pregnant? Why not give yourself a boost, do it with friends and sign up for dryJuly


Daybreak: Hello Sunday Morning new smart phone App! You can buy and download the app here

Your Shout: A New Australian Website to Help You Take Action on Alcohol. Go to website


Responding to Fetal Impacts in Children (Australia). Read more

The Conversations We're Avoiding About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder - by Sandra Butcher NOFAS-UK. Read more


Alcohol exposure in utero doesn’t only affect the brain: it’s a whole-body disorder. Read more



For Service Providers


FASD and the Legal System - Some of the most prevalent symptoms of FASD, including impaired impulse control; poor social judgement; low tolerance; anger and aggression can increase the risk of criminal activity. These two short animated films, about 10 minutes each, are for those who want a quick yet thorough introduction to Fetal Alcohol and the Law. Video 1Video 2

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder & Fire-setting Behaviours: A Guide for Criminal Justice, Fire and Forensic Professionals. Read more


Ausmed Education for Nurses - Video Learning Activity – an overview of FASD. View video


Cain Lazenby
Cain Lazenby

For Parents/Carers/Families

Whether you are READY or NOT to have a baby it's a decision for both men and women and its healthy to have a plan! Read more


Five Ways that Men Shape their Children’s Health. Read more


Tips for a healthy pregnancy from NSW Ministry of Health and Australian College of Midwives (ACM). Read more


A great easy to read resource from Healthy Child Manitoba: What Parents and Caregivers Need to Know About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Read more


Through Your Child’s Eyes - It’s one thing to read about learning and attention issues. It’s another thing to see them through your child’s eyes. Use these unique simulations and videos to better understand your child’s world. Read more


How Do You Get Through to a Child Who Doesn’t Think Logically? Read more


Keeping routines for children with FASD to help reduce stress and anxiety. Read more


Strategies for Caregivers from Caregivers. Read more


Executive Functioning impairments - 9 key terms you need to know that are used by doctors and other health professionals. Read more


A Reasonable Plan for Supporting Adults with FASD. Read more

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New Research/Journal Articles

Association Between Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Craniofacial Shape of Children at 12 Months of Age. Read more

Behaviour in Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Remote Australia: A Population-Based Study. Read more

Prenatal alcohol exposure and traumatic childhood experiences: A systematic review. Read more


Educating Adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Caregiver Support Needs. Read more


Criminalizing substance use in pregnancy: misplaced priorities. Read more


Who is most affected by prenatal alcohol exposure: Boys or girls? Read more


The Psychiatric Morbidity of Women Who Give Birth to Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Results of the Manitoba Mothers and FASD Study. Read more

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