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Around the world, the month of September has been identified as FASD month – the ninth month of the year to raise awareness about FASD and the importance of alcohol free pregnancy. Typically, events are centred around the 9th day of the 9th month.


Community events to mark FASD Awareness Day now take place around the world providing opportunities for communities to raise awareness about FASD, to pause, to reflect and consider the benefits of an alcohol free pregnancy and to share this prevention message across the world.


Each year increasing numbers of agencies around Australia acknowledge FASD Day to highlight concerns about alcohol exposed pregnancies, to raise awareness of FASD and to underline that alcohol in pregnancy is a whole of community concern and not solely a women’s issue.



Do you have an event planned? Please tell us about it.

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Would like to do something but not sure what? Please contact us and we will be able to help.

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Some events that are planned:


BreakFASD Awareness Breakfast September 9 2017 Hosted by the inspirational Shelley Ware from Marngrook Footy Show with Guest speakers Susan Alberti (Susan Alberti Foundation) and Katriina Heikkanen (AFL Indigenous and Social Policy Manager).

We aim to raise awareness of FASD (the irreversible effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy) and raise funds for the Women's Resource Centre in Fitzroy Crossing who are in collaboration with Dr James Fitzpatrick from the Telethon Kids Institute who are leading the way in research, prevention and support for people and families effected by FASD. click here to book your ticket. Tables of 6 and 10 also available.


Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services and Marulu Team Marinwarntikura are running a FASD T-shit Design Competition.

For more information Click here


Join Faith for a great fun day!





Photo by DJ a 12 year old boy with FASD.


Starlight Dreaming – What would you like the future to look like for families and individuals living with FASD? The Australian Government, through the Department of Health, has commenced a 10 year planning approach for FASD, starting with an extensive community consultation by asking the questions and listening to the answers.

On those sometimes rare peaceful nights when the house is quiet and the stars are out – what would you like to see? What are the biggest gaps? How can we prevent FASD? How can we better support those affected? To ensure your voice is heard please email your comments, thoughts and ideas to [email protected] before the 15th of August, 2017.

Parent and carer survey

Improving screening for young children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

We would like to thank all of the parents and carers who have responded to the call for research participants so far- the response has been fantastic.

We are currently seeking parents and carers of young children- between 3 and 8- with a diagnosed or suspected FASD to participate in a telephone interview about some of the common difficulties and challenges faced by your children.

If you would like to participate please contact Stewart McDougall using any of the contact details below.

You will be reimbursed for your time with a $20 Coles Myer gift-card.

Telephone or SMS (08) 8302 2983 or 0433 670 749
Email [email protected]
Surveymonkey link Provide contact details and we will contact you


Special Invitation to health professionals

Special Invitation:

Sent on behalf of Professor Elizabeth Elliott


I would like to invite you (as an individual health professional) or your clinic to register for the FASD Hub Australia Service Directory - an online directory of FASD experienced and informed health professionals in Australia.

The FASD Hub Australia website will create a single site to help make finding information and services easier whether you are a health professional, teacher, justice professional, service provider, researcher or parent and carer. For more information about the website visit


The Service Directory will be a critical part of the FASD Hub Australia website that will be launched in early September 2017. I encourage you to register by COB Friday 11 August – this will allow us time to enter the information onto the Hub ready for launch.

For the Service Directory you can register as either a clinic and/or as an individual health professional. Once you have completed the registration form for one category you will be asked if you also want to register for the other category. Click on ‘No’ if you don’t wish to register for the second category and the registration process will be complete. I encourage you to provide details of your FASD-related experience and training to help guide Australian parents and carers to the most appropriate services.

Registration should take less than 5 minutes. To register please click on the following link


For further information about this FASD Hub Australia Service Directory, please contact either [email protected] or [email protected]


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