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September 2017 saw an unprecedented number of innovative and creative events held to raise awareness about FASD. The 9th month, the 9th day, the 9th hour - all the ‘nines’ were used to mark and acknowledge the importance of the nine months of pregnancy being alcohol free. NOFASD would like to thank and acknowledge the people across Australia who made interesting and informative events about FASD come alive in their towns and cities.


Highlights included an information flower cart about alcohol and pregnancy in Westfield’s Pitt Street Sydney Mall, a Queensland FASD Symposium and an organisation wide in-service for staff of the Child Nutrition Team at Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) LandsWomen's Council. Staff members participated in a quiz, challenged misconceptions around the behaviours of people with FASD through a mix and match activity, used play dough to mould the physical effects of alcohol on a developing brain and were made to 'walk the line' wearing beer goggles to reflect on the effects alcohol may have on a growing fetus.


Albany, in WA, held a Flash Mob event at the Farmers Market thanks to Market Coordinator Ian Haines. The organisers were members of the Albany Youth Advisory Council (YAK), backed by the City of Albany and the WA Country Health Service – Great Southern region. The flash mob of pregnant men and women attracted the attention of many. In Alice Springs, the Central Australian FASD Network comprising 20-member agencies took the opportunity to launch a 3 year strategic plan to promote collaboration and service integration and the Australian Government announced $8 million in funding for new Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) diagnostic and prevention services around Australia.


There were many more events and together they raised awareness community wide. Media stories were generated across Australia because of the actions undertaken by NOFASD network members, supporters and others working to prevent alcohol exposed pregnancies and ensure that FASD is visible and understood as a disability. One organiser commented that she had a conversation about FASD with a young passer-by who said that she thought 3 glasses of wine a day was the upper limit of consumption – highlighting the importance of nation-wide efforts to ensure a simple and clear message that for women who are pregnant, planning or could be – no alcohol is the safest choice.


Louise Gray, Executive Officer, NOFASD Australia.


Mama Maremma Blog

This month’s blog exposes the villagers who help Mama Maremma – they are the people who encourage not discourage; support not criticise; help not judge. Read more


Conferences/Workshops and webinars


Global Alcohol Policy Conference October 4-6th 2017 Melbourne. Read more

Brisbane FASD Symposium: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Prevalence, features and assessment Friday 13th Oct 2017 Rydges South Bank Hotel (Eight very credentialed Keynote speakers including NOFASD Ambassadors Dr. Jan Hammill & Prof Heather Douglas) Registration

2017 National Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Conference in Calgary, Alberta on October 24-27, 2017 Information & Registration

Brain Injury Australia are holding 2 workshops in Sydney that may be of interest to service providers and/or parents and caregivers on "getting the best" from the NDIS.


Workshop 1 - November 21 is for clinicians, allied health professionals and service providers


Workshop 2 - November 22 is designed for people with a brain injury, their families, carers and advocates. Information & Registration

Mental Health Carers NSW are hosting a number of certified training courses and education opportunities in 2017. Information & Registration

If you have missed any of the recent FASD webinars presented by NOFASD Australia, they are now available for viewing online. NOFASD Webinars



News & media

Australian Government provides funds to improve care for children and families dealing with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Read more

What does history teach us about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder? –a FASD Awareness Day message from Louise Gray, Executive Officer and Chairperson of NOFASD Australia. Read here

Pregnant women shouldn’t drink. Full stop – message from NOFASD Ambassador Anne Russell. Listen to podcast

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) caused by drinking alcohol while pregnant has devastating effect on children. Read more

Gold Coast Health's FASD clinic will now be able to diagnose children as young as 3 thanks to a Menzies Health Institute Queensland-led project. Read more

BIMA Projects & 98.9fm For the Best Country raise awareness about FASD - check out the excellent podcasts they have developed featuring a number of Australians talking about various aspects of FASD Go to podcasts


For Service Providers


FASD Prevention & Health Promotion Resources Package – developed by Menzies School of Health Research in partnership with NACCHO Aboriginal Health Australia and Telethon Kids Institute. More information

NOFASD has recently obtained agreement and support from Claire Gyde, Chairperson of FASD-Can in New Zealand and an experienced Parent/Carer to utilise her resources in Australia. Claire has experience in the labour market and has written a small booklet titled “FASD in the New Zealand Workplace” which will be of interest, and is very relevant, to Australian readers who are responding to the challenges of FASD in many settings. This book is downloadable on the NOFASD website. Click here

Three great Health promotion videos – a collaboration between Telethon Kids Institute, BHP Western Australia and Wirraka Maya Health Service Aboriginal Corporation View here

Six reasons girls and women may drink during pregnancy Read more

Information for Health Professionals who have a pregnant patient or client who needs further help or support to stop drinking. Read more


For Parents/Carers/Families


Do you live in South Australia – If so we are calling for expressions of interest for a FASD Parent/Carer face to face special interest/support group. More Information

The second resource from Claire Gyde, Chairperson of FASD-Can New Zealand will be invaluable to any reader who seeks to understand FASD better and be FASD-informed. The book, named “The Perfect Love Story” is witty, wise and truly FASD-informed. Claire skilfully documents her family’s journey and teaches readers along the way. The book will be particularly helpful for parents, carers, and direct service providers. However, for anyone with a professional or clinical interest in FASD this book is also illuminating. This book is not able to be downloaded but will be posted on request in print form. It is free to parents, carers and direct service providers - others who wish to purchase are requested to make a donation to NOFASD Australia. Proceeds will be used to support parents and carers in New Zealand and Australia. To obtain a copy please email [email protected] If you are a parent, carer or direct service provider please state this in your email and provide a mailing address. For other requests please forward a donation receipt with your email request. The recommended donation is $20.00 AUD.


Disciplining a Child with FASD - How do you balance necessary consequences with a child who’s brain lacks the executive functioning to understand? Read more

Message from the Sister of a Brother with FASD. Read more

Foster Parent's Guide to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: How prenatal alcohol exposure affects your child's behaviour (S McLean 2017 - Australia) Go to Guide

Printable Tip Sheet – Behavioural Symptoms and Accommodations for FASD. Read more


New Research/Journal Articles


Australian study - Digital assessment of the fetal alcohol syndrome facial phenotype: reliability and agreement study. Read more

Suicide and suicide attempts among women in the Manitoba Mothers and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder cohort: a retrospective matched analysis using linked administrative data. Read more

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Team at Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) LandsWomen's Council

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Radio MAMA - an Aboriginal community driven radio program based in Geraldton and Carnarvon

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Alice Springs, the Central Australian FASD Network 

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Flower cart about alcohol and pregnancy in Westfield’s Pitt Street Sydney Mall

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Albany, in WA, held a Flash Mob event at the Farmers Market

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