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Stop Press – Alcohol Pregnancy Warning Labels



On 24 November 2017 Australian and New Zealand Ministers with responsibility for food regulation, known as the Forum on Food Regulation (the forum), will be considering alcohol pregnancy warning labels. The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) and NOFASD Australia are seeking your support by writing to the Health and Food Ministers in your state or territory to ask them to immediately commence the process of mandating proper pregnancy warning labels on all alcohol products. For further information, contact details for Ministers and a suggested template for your letter (all prepared by FARE) please go here


New Ambassador


It is with very great pleasure that we warmly welcome Dr Jeff McMullen AM, as an Ambassador for NOFASD Australia. Jeff is a highly respected and distinguished journalist, author and film-maker and also a strong advocate for human rights, education and health. Read more about Jeff's interests and achievements here

Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2017


NOFASD Staff were pleased to participate in the Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2017 held in Melbourne in early October. This conference took a global overview of alcohol related harms and the role of alcohol policy. Topics were diverse and included international trade and alliances, conflicts of interests, tax and special populations, FASD, marketing and many other relevant topics. The final Communique from the Conference is available here

FARE Australia also produced some excellent videos featuring key note speakers from the Conference including:


Conference Oration from June Oscar AO Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner (& NOFASD Ambassador) View video

NOFASD Ambassador Professor Elizabeth Elliott View video

Louise Gray - NOFASD Executive Officer – View video

More videos here


Meet the presenters and organisers of the inaugural Central Queensland FASD Symposium held in Rockhampton in October and facilitated by Community Solutions


Left to right - Julie Irwin, National Disability Coordination Officer(Community Solutions) - Organiser/Sponsor; Ness Nagie, Project Officer - National Disability Coordination Officer Program(Community Solutions) - Organiser/Sponsor; Dr Heidi Webster, Sunshine Coast FASD Clinic Founder; Jeff McMullen, Keynote Guest Speaker, New Journalism; Dr Jan Hammill, University of Queensland, SYNAPSE Qld; Cheryl Henshall, Foster Kinship Senior Practitioner - Central Queensland Indigenous Development - Major Sponsor; Hon. Michelle Landry Member of Parliament for Capricornia Queensland; Leanne Field-Hamson, Executive Officer - Central Queensland Indigenous Development - Major Sponsor; Dr. Kerryn Bagley FASD Clinical Network, FASD Informed practice educator; Louise Gray, Executive Officer NOFASD Australia


Life is never dull in Mama Maremma’s family. Don’t miss reading about one of their latest adventures! Read more


Cain Lazenby


Conferences/Workshops and webinars

Brain Injury Australia are holding 2 workshops in Sydney that may be of interest to service providers and/or parents and caregivers on "getting the best" from the NDIS.


Workshop 1 - November 21 is for clinicians, allied health professionals and service providers


Workshop 2 - November 22 is designed for people with a brain injury, their families, carers and advocates. Information & Registration

Mental Health Carers NSW final training course for 2017 – November 23 - Users Guide for the NSW Mental Health System. Information & Registration

If you have missed any of the recent FASD webinars presented by NOFASD Australia, they are available for viewing online. NOFASD Webinars




For Service Providers

FASD and Standard Interventions: Poor Fits? Read more

FASD: Essential Tips for Educators. Read more


Allegations: Foster Parents must be treated like other professionals. Read more


Who has to change? Trying their hardest, doing their best! What it is like to live with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Read more



Cain Lazenby
Cain Lazenby


News & media

Have you checked out the new FASD Hub website? The developers are keen that it is easy to use, informed and relevant for everyone including, health professionals, service providers and parents/carers. After you have had a look around the site they invite you to complete an Evaluation survey (only takes 8 minutes!) Everyone who completes the survey will be offered a copy of the powerful DVD 'Tristan". All feedback will be used to keep improving the FASD Hub. Survey link here:


Major project underway to prevent FASD in regional cities in Australia. Read more


A new study appears to challenge the theory that cells in the brain's immune system are the culprit behind the neurological damage that occurs in children exposed to alcohol while in the womb. Read more

A Genetic variation linked to damage from prenatal alcohol exposure has been found. Read more

Why silence is hiding the devastating impact of FASD - Opinion piece by one of NOFASD Ambassadors, Emeritus Professor John Boulton. Read more

Meet the Aboriginal women from Rockhampton, Qld who want Australia to take FASD more seriously and recognise the harm alcohol is causing to the next generation when it is used in pregnancy. Read more


How alcohol drinking in pregnancy increases baby’s addiction risk later in life. Read more

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Queensland Carer calls for extra support. Read more


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For Parents/Carers/Families

How Occupational Therapy can help children with FASD. Read More

Practical Parenting tips for FASD, especially around anger and aggression. Read more

Check out our fact sheets that explain some of the behaviours commonly seen in children with FASD including strategies and accommodations that may help to improve quality of life outcomes. Read more


Advice to parents thinking about fostering or adopting a child with FASD. Read more

Strategies for Caregivers from Caregivers. Read more

Is it Lying or is it Confabulation? This video talks about confabulation, how we all do it, and how it can be a big challenge for people with developmental disabilities such as FASD. View video

Neurobehaviour in adolescents and adults – altnhough this article explains why adults with FASD experience so many difficulties in their lives it also provides an excellent explanation of why children with FASD don't respond to usual parenting and teaching. Read more


New Beginning: Better Than This - In this book, Liz Kulp shares information we’ve needed for a long time—a private look into the mind and heart of an adult living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Order here

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New Research/Journal Articles

Australian guide to the diagnosis of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A summary. Read more


Moderate Maternal Alcohol Exposure on Gestational Day 12 Impacts Anxiety-Like Behavior in Offspring. Read more

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