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Happy New Year to the NOFASD network and supporters!


2017 was a busy and productive year for NOFASD Australia. A significant achievement was our success in achieving ongoing funding from the Australian government through a competitive open tender process.


One of our most important and busy roles is the management of a national Helpline (1300 306 238) for people in Australia who have FASD and anyone else involved in providing support to them, especially parents and caregivers but also service providers. Last year, in addition to the helpline our 2.8 FTE staff and a group of wonderful volunteers have also:


Distributed almost 18,000 newsletters;

Distributed 255 Parent Support Packs and follow-up for families post diagnosis;

Grown our Facebook following by 25% and Twitter by 15%;

Managed an information website with 90,000-page views and 30,000 users;

Distributed 6500 FASD information items at 26 conferences and presented at 10;

Increased our range of specialist FASD-informed parent-help resources;

Implemented a webinar series available for ongoing viewing;

Delivered 5 Train it Forward programs in Sydney, Ceduna, Tasmania and Darwin;

Presented on FASD at 10 conferences;

Managed 7 national events for the 9th of September including a flagship at Westfield's Pitt Street Mall in Sydney;

Conducted exhibitor stands at 26 conference and health events;

Created 2 alcohol and pregnancy awareness social media campaigns;

Delivered 25 face-to-face information sessions and workshops to service providers, schools, justice workers and foster families across Australia;

Participated in the Siggins Miller FASD 10-year Plan consults in Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth;

Published in the In Motion Magazine for Australian Physiotherapy Association, Drink Tank and several other publications;

Participated in the judging panel of Early Childhood Intervention Services Excellence Awards October 2017 - WA and NT branches.


To enable children and adults who have FASD reach their full potential it is critical that service providers in Australia increase their capacity to understand the specific needs of this population and the families who support them. Much still needs to be done in the areas of FASD prevention, awareness raising, understanding, support and clinical management. The Commonwealth Health Department has been proactive in developing a strategic response and the consultations towards a 10-year plan are an important initiative in ensuring a sustained, cohesive and appropriate response to this often “hidden” and mis-understood disability.


This year NOFASD will continue to advance the interests of those who have FASD and the parents, caregivers and families who support them and have to contend with the significant challenges that brings.


On behalf of NOFASD Australia I wish you, your families and colleagues a healthy and happy new year and one in which public knowledge, awareness and understanding of FASD increases through the efforts of everyone concerned about this disability.


Louise Gray

Executive Officer


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New Board Members


NOFASD Australia warmly welcome two new Board members, Nicole Hewlett and Wendy Sinclair-Gieben.


Nicole Hewlett is an Aboriginal woman with a Bachelor degree in Psychological Sciences (Hons) and a Master’s degree in Public Health. Nicole has broad experience with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia, has worked to support the implementation of effective Close the Gap policy, address issues around racism and recently managed a nation-wide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander project aimed at raising awareness of, and reducing the impact of FASD in Australia


Wendy Sinclair-Gieben has won awards and recognition for her work in rehabilitation and reintegration throughout her career in both the UK and Australia prison services; in particular the prestigious Lord Justice Woolf award for Resettlement in the UK and the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia award for Operator and Service Provider Excellence in Perth, Australia.


To read more about the work of Nicole and Wendy go here


Sarah Sherwood achieves again!


Last newsletter we shared the fantastic news that Sarah Sherwood Para Equestrian who has FASD had achieved a place to represent Queensland in the Special Olympic National Games 2018! We are now thrilled to be able to share her latest achievements - FEI Para Equestrian of the Year 2017 and EA Para Equestrian of the Year 2017. Congratulations Sarah! As a member of the Special Olympic National Games 2018 Sarah is required to fundraise to get to Adelaide and would really appreciate donations via the Special Olympics official fundraising page!

Cain Lazenby

Conferences/Workshops and webinars


Abstracts are now open for the European Conference on FASD being held on 24-26 September 2018 in Berlin. The deadline for abstracts is Friday, March 16, 2018, at midnight, Berlin time.

FASD webinars presented by NOFASD Australia are available for viewing online. NOFASD Webinars



News & media


New Alcohol and Pregnancy Research Survey - Canadian researchers are also interested in receiving Australian responses! Read more


ABC broadcast: Legal and health experts say Australian courts should assess children for FASD. Listen here


FASD: Family finally gets answers in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder diagnosis. Read more

Study shows lithium chloride blunts brain damage linked to fetal alcohol syndrome. Read more


Smartphone app now recognizes FASD thanks to MMI geneticist. Read more


Cain Lazenby


For Parents/Carers/Families




Have you checked out the PARENT TOOLKIT for Australian parents/carers/families supporting children/adults with FASD. The toolkit is a one stop resource that we hope will enable you to better understand your child and advocate for them - to ensure their physical, emotional, and educational needs are met so they have the best life possible. The toolkit is a work in progress and if there is anything else we have missed that you would like to see here please let us know! Go to Toolkit

A really lovely blog post from FASD Learning With Hope "If we nurture our belief in what is good in this world and in those we love even through the dark times—maybe especially through the dark times—if we let go of expectations, we can open our hearts and our lives to what’s new and different." Read more


Information on diagnostic assessment for individuals with FASD and their caregivers. Read more


Video - Coping with Unhelpful Comments and Advice About Your Child. Watch here


Helping Kids Play Well Together. Read more


How to accept those things that we may not be able to change. Read more








Cain Lazenby

For Service Providers


We need facts not fiction on FASD. Read more

FASD: A Call on Mental Health Treatment Professionals to Become Informed. Read more

Cain Lazenby
Cain Lazenby

Back to School Resources

Special needs funding for the first time this year will be based on information that has been gathered from schools via the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCDSSD or NCCD for short) It is important for parents/caregivers to understand how the Australian Government will be allocating school-based funding to support their child. This document provides a brief overview. It is also important that you know what level of adjustment matches your child's learning and personal needs. You can find out more about levels of adjustment here


7 Tips for Talking to Your Child's Teacher about FASD - article relates to ADHD but just as valid for FASD. Read more


8 Ways to Reduce Cognitive Load in Children - especially important tips if for school age children who have FASD. Read more


You never know who has a disability that you can't see! This is a great 5 minute video that you can share with teacher's who don't understand FASD View video

Strategies that work best at school. Read more


How thinking about behaviour differently can lead to happier FASD families. This is also important information for teachers. Read more

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New Research/Journal Articles

Maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy and its association with offspring renal function at 30 years: observation from a birth cohort study.


Sleep Health Issues for Children with FASD. Read more


Sleep, maladaptive behaviour and language acquisition in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Read more


DNA methylation as a predictor of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Read more

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