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Practical learning strategies for children with FASD

Tuesday 12th May, 2pm to 2:30 (Australian Eastern Standard Time), 12pm AWST

Join NOFASD Australia, with experienced parents and carers of children with FASD, for the second in a series of short webinars with practical tips and strategies for helping our children with FASD to learn. These are unprecedented times and we haven’t all become teachers overnight. This webinar series will provide you with strategies to help support your child/ren’s learning, whilst reminding us of our own self-care needs during this stressful time.

Please be reassured that, during this unprecedented time, you are not expected to become a professional teacher. In this letter from a school principal, parents are encouraged to remember that:

At this time, your child’s emotional wellbeing, physical and mental health are more important than their academic knowledge and skills. If the first three aspects are impacted or neglected, it is neurologically impossible for new information and skills to be learnt or remembered. In the months ahead, your child may forget (or even refuse to do!) the learning activities or school work provided by our teachers for supported home learning BUT they will remember the fun new things they learn and do with you – the cuddles while reading, the measuring & counting while cooking, the gardening, the creating, the dancing, the games – and how you made them feel over this time.

NOFASD’s webinar will explore not only what you can do to engage your child/ren with learning, but also what emotions and difficulties you and your child/ren are experiencing at this time of social isolation.

To find out more please contact the NOFASD Helpline on 1800 860 613

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